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The French island of coronavirus is suffering from the influx of tourists

The authorities of the island of Porquerolles, located off the coast of France, between nice and the Riviera, are planning to reduce the number of visitors to four thousand a day, according to The Connexion France.

Because Covid-19 almost 70 percent of the French, who usually traveled abroad in the summer, remained at home. And some of them went on this and the other Islands.

Media: Chechen Diaspora has filed dozens of complaints to the mayor of nice

Representatives of the Chechen community has filed some fifty complaints against the mayor of nice, Christian Estrosi, whom they accused of "inciting hatred" after the politician about the struggle of the Chechen Diaspora of monopoly on the drug market, reports the publication 20minutes.fr.

The reason for discontent of the Chechens were the statements of the mayor, the TV channel BFMTV in mid-June after a series of riots with the participation of representatives of Diaspora in Dijon and nice. Then Estrosi stated that "in some districts of France, the Chechen community in the face of other communities 'struggles for the monopoly of the drug market".

The presumption of guilt: in this country, after the United States put the police on his knee

Following the U.S. in Europe, a wave of demonstrations against racism and police brutality. France has traditionally been left to the side: immediately after the lifting of quarantine, despite the ban on mass events has begun crowded and not always peaceful protest. Power compromise: promise to fight tyranny, to change the methods of detention of suspects and hard to suppress racial discrimination.

Adama traoré is considered a victim of police violence. Dark-skinned young Frenchman was arrested on the street in the summer of 2016. He tried to escape but failed. According to one version, the police tied him up, piled on top, and then dragged him into a car. On the way to the station Traore was bad, and he lost consciousness. Doctors in the police station tried to resuscitate him — to no avail.