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Nicaragua is negotiating with Russia on the production of a vaccine from COVID-19

The government of Nicaragua confirmed on Monday that talks with Russia on the possible production of a vaccine against coronavirus at the plant Mechnikov in the Central American country.

The vaccine can be produced in the Latin American Mechnikov Institute of biotechnology, which is a subsidiary of the Saint-Petersburg research Institute of vaccines and sera.

In Central America will discuss the delivery of Russian drug "Aviewer"

The theme of Russian supplies of the antiviral drug "Aviewer" in Central America will be discussed in the framework of the Council of health Ministers of the six member countries of the Central American integration system, said RIA Novosti at the Russian Embassy in Nicaragua.

In SICA included Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, the Council of Ministers of health is the standing body coordinating agencies in the countries of the system.

Costa Rica has extended closures until June 30

The head of the Ministry of health of Costa Rica reported that the ban on crossing the country's borders for foreigners has been extended until the end of June in order to fight the epidemic COVID-19.

"The validity of the restrictive measures at the borders officially extended until June 30," said health Minister Daniel Salas, quoted by the newspaper Costa Rica Hoy.