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Dubai international airport began to use dogs for detecting COVID-19

Dubai authorities now attract dogs and dog handlers to help in the fight against coronavirus at the airport, according to Travel and Leisure.

The task of the dog is to, literally, sniff passengers suffering from coronavirus. In the course of the research the accuracy of smell was 92 percent.

In the US, the bear pulled the curious cub from someone else's house

Family from North Carolina became the witness of how little bear got to their house. Then came to him the mother bear and took the cub with him, reports NDTV.

Sumer Walser Williams wife woke up early in the morning from their home barking dog. It turned out, the dog was excited by the appearance of bears. In a few minutes the couple heard strange noises. They looked out and saw the bear, standing on two legs at the front door.

The French island of coronavirus is suffering from the influx of tourists

The authorities of the island of Porquerolles, located off the coast of France, between nice and the Riviera, are planning to reduce the number of visitors to four thousand a day, according to The Connexion France.

Because Covid-19 almost 70 percent of the French, who usually traveled abroad in the summer, remained at home. And some of them went on this and the other Islands.

Dubai birds made a nest on the hood of the crown Prince

Dubai Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum sheltered on car hood bird, reports NDTV.

Sheikh is known for his love of animals, he is an active defender of the environment. Hamdan removed a few peaceful birds and was posted in social networks. The video was viewed over two million times.

Brazilian authorities have opened to visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer

Brazilian authorities have opened to visit the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and the Tijuca national Park that were closed earlier due to the pandemic of coronavirus, said the Minister of the environment Ricardo SALIS.

"Today we once again open the Park of Rio de Janeiro the statue of Christ the Redeemer", - he wrote in Twitter.

Experts have told how has changed the cost of accommodation in hotels of Turkey

The tour operators told me how a year has changed for the expenses of a traveller on vacation in Turkey, according to ATOR.

This summer, accommodation prices in the hotels were almost a quarter lower than a year ago. "In August last year, the average price was 650 dollars per person, that 500-560 dollars", – said the General Director of a leading travel company Taras Demura.

It turned out what seat to choose for those who suffer from nausea

Experts told which seat is best to take those who suffer from "air sickness", reports the Express.

Choice seats at the front of the liner will help make the flight more relaxing. For those who are prone to motion sickness, a good option is to stay in the region of the wings. But sitting in the back, you can feel all the air holes.

In the UK the video was a huge cat the size of a dog

. In the UK the video hit a large wild cat the size of a medium dog, reports the Daily Mail.

Living in Cambridgeshire, Dan underwood was caught on camera beast that roamed the Park in the centre of Cambridge. The footage is a wild animal with a distinctive sandy-brown fur and black stripes.

Travel agents said, as in Turkey, the guides are forcing guests to buy excursions

According to travel agents in Turkey some guides invented a new way to force guests to purchase tours, reports TourDom.ru.

So, on the first day of the tour guests have reported that if they want to leave the hotel on the street and visit the tour, they need to put in the vouchers blue print. To choose necessary on the same day. Otherwise there will be a red mark, which means a ban on walking outside the hotel.

In USA find elk, caught on video with a car tire on the neck

Service representatives of wildlife conservation in Colorado trying to find an elk with a tire on the neck, reports UPI.

The footage was filmed by a surveillance camera. "We would like to find a pet and save him from this bus," wrote employees in the social network.

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