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COVID-19 did not change the plans of "Rosatom" for the production of fuel for nuclear power plants of the future

The situation with coronavirus infection has not violated the terms of the enterprise of Rosatom state Corporation "Mining and chemical combine" (MCC, Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai) for the industrial production of so-called mixed oxide uranium-plutonium MOX-fuel is planned to be used in the nuclear energy future, reported the press service of the MCC.

According to the report, in the first half of this year, despite COVID-19, "all production plans are achieved". "It is particularly important that the plant fuel fabrication did a half for the production of fuel assemblies of MOX fuel", - is spoken in the message.

Rosatom will operate the plant for producing plutonium, U-5

The famous pilot plant U-5 in Moscow, which worked out the technologies of plutonium required to create a domestic nuclear weapons will be decommissioned by 2022, the works are scheduled to use new technologies that can be applied in similar projects in the future, according to the portal of the Federal target program on nuclear and radiation safety.

Install the U-5 is located in the North-West of Moscow on the territory of "high-tech research Institute of inorganic materials named after academician Bochvar" (VNIINM, a part of TVEL, a leading scientific center of Rosatom on the development of nuclear fuel cycle technologies and materials science).

Rosatom has produced a set of steam generators for unit 1 of NPP "Akkuyu"

Engineering companies of Rosatom has completed production of a set of steam generators for construction with participation of RF first power unit of NPP "Akkuyu" in Turkey, the press service of the holding "Atomenergomash".

The steam generators belong to the basic equipment of the reactor compartment of nuclear power. They are needed to produce steam that drives a turbine generator work. The steam generators are part of the reactor plant. The length of one steam generator is about 15 meters, diameter – more than 4 meters, weight – 340 tons. The equipment of one plant consists of four steam generators.

Icebreaker "Arktika" will be tested "Rosatom" year

Head nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika (project 22220) will be handed over in 2020 to the customer in the face of Rosatom in trial operation for one year, so that in 2021 the ship stood in dry docking to replace the right motor, told RIA Novosti on Monday the head of the United shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov.

Earlier in June, the General Director of Rosatom state Corporation Alexey Likhachev, during his working meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the icebreaker "Arktika" on June 23, came from St. Petersburg on the final stage of sea trials. It is planned that the icebreaker in September, the deadline is in October of this year will be commissioned Rosatom.

Rosatom began building the second unit of the NPP "Akkuyu" in Turkey

Rosatom began construction of unit 2 of NPP "Akkuyu" in Turkey, told RIA Novosti in the project company "Akkuyu Nuclear", which is responsible for the implementation of this project.

As noted by the head of the company Anastasia Zoteeva, construction and installation works are now conducted simultaneously at the sites of the first and second units. "In the second block completes concreting of both base plates and the reactor compartment and the turbine hall," said she.

Rosenergoatom has denied reports of emergency at nuclear power plants in the North-West of Russia

No deviations from safe operation conditions in nuclear power plants in Northwest Russia in June was not a radiation environment consistent with normal values reported RIA Novosti, the official representative of the concern "Rosenergoatom" (the operator of all nuclear power plants in the Russian Federation, member of the state Corporation "Rosatom").

Earlier on Friday, some media reported that in early June, the authorities of nuclear and radiation safety in Sweden, Norway and Finland recorded in the atmosphere over the territory of Northern Europe a slight increase in the concentrations of radioactive isotopes with so-called reactor origin. It was also reported that, according to calculations by the National institutes of health and the environment (RIVM) of the Netherlands, these isotopes allegedly received from Russia, and that the cause of the incident may be the depressurization of the fuel element in a reactor of any nuclear power plant.

Poland supported Lithuania in her claim to the Belarusian nuclear power plant

Poland supported Lithuania in her claim to the nuclear power plant in Belarus, said Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, meeting Friday with his Lithuanian counterpart Saulus Skordalia on the border of the two countries.

"We not only understand the concerns of Lithuania concerning power plant in Ostrovets, but also support Lithuania in all possible European forums," said Morawiecki.

Zakharova said the cancellation of the U.S. exemptions from sanctions on Iran

Cancellation by Washington of sanctions exemptions Tehran begs the question of whether the United States to Iran independently built the reactor at Arak, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

"The authors of this policy seem to not even wonder what is the benefit for the Washington, what benefits the US will get from such actions, if provided by SVPD actions will not be realized. Let's remind them that the parameters of these projects was developed and agreed with the direct participation of American specialists and in General they were a response to the concerns of the American side. It turns out that not Iran, with which the Americans had some sort of high risks in the nuclear field, and the USA is not allowed to complete the implementation of the nuclear component of the AGREEMENT. Hence the question: do we understand correctly that now in Washington that Iran is now self-build, for example, the Arak reactor. Recently such a prospect, on the contrary, frightened the American side," - said Zakharov in his online briefing.