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Putin will hold a meeting on the ecological situation in Irkutsk region

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold on Thursday a meeting on the ecological situation in the city of Usolye-Siberian the Irkutsk region and will meet with the acting head of the region Igor Kobzev, told journalists the press-Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

"Talking about ecology, talking about the meeting on the situation in the city of Usolye-Siberian. It's in the Irkutsk region. The initiator of the meeting was the acting Governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev. This was a fairly troubled town, there were many enterprises of the chemical, they were very harmful emissions, it's all stockpiled, and it all happens in the last decades, it is somewhere in the 40-50 (years - ed.)", - said Peskov.

In Yakutia opened a criminal case after the spill, 4.7 tons of fuel

The Prosecutor's office has obtained a criminal case after the spill, 4.7 tons of diesel fuel in Yakutia, the damage from which has exceeded 4.5 million rubles, said Tuesday the Prosecutor General's office.

"The Prosecutor srednekolymskiy district ... conducted a probe into the oil spill at the diesel power station of the village Argakhtakh "Sakhaenergo" on June 21. On materials of check criminal case under part 1 of article 254 of the criminal code (damage of the earth)," - said in a release.

In Japan has developed a plastic bags decomposing in sea water

The Japanese company Mitsubishi Chemical announced the development of plastic packages that degrade in seawater, transmits television channel NHK.

The bags are made from a material which includes, in particular, sugar cane. To the touch this package will not differ from the usual plastic.

Environmentalists reported that pollution of the Kama chlorides

Independent examination confirmed the chloride pollution of the stream that flows from the slurry tank company "Berezniki soda plant" and flows into a tributary of the Kama river Tolic, the report said environmental public organization "Green patrol".

Earlier the Prosecutor's office in the course of verification of information on the pollution of the Kama river in the Perm region revealed excess of maximum permissible concentrations of chloride ion materials sent to the investigating authorities. The press service of Federal Agency for water resources said that the pollution is supposed to happen with sludge storage (storage of liquid waste) "White Sea" Berezniki soda plant.

WWF assessed the risk of spill of aviation fuel on the Taimyr Peninsula

A spill of aviation fuel on the Taimyr Peninsula is much less dangerous than oil spill, the CHP-3 in Norilsk, however, it shows a systemic problem of risk management of environmental pollution, according to the program Manager for environmental responsibility world wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia Alexey Knizhnikov.

Earlier it was reported that on Sunday afternoon when pumping fuel from the barge to the production warehouse, located in the heart of the village Touchard, depressurization of the pipeline "of Nobelstrasse" (belongs to "Norilsk Nickel") and a slick of aviation fuel capacity of more than 44 tons on the territory of the helipad and adjacent area. The regional Prosecutor's office began checking, and the regional Directorate of the investigation Committee opened a criminal case under article about infringement of rules of protection of the environment by manufacture of works. The authorities have introduced emergency municipal character.

The security Council has estimated the damage from weather emergencies

Annually emergency because of weather-related disasters cause the domestic economy damage to at least 60 billion rubles, told journalists the assistant to the Secretary of security Council Alexander Abilene.

He noted that the number of anomalous weather events increasing due to global climate change.

In Germany there have been protests against the law on the refusal of coal in power generation

Activists of the climate movement for Future Fridays held protests across Germany against the Bundestag adopted legislation to stop the use of fossil coal in electricity generation by 2038, said in a press release received by RIA Novosti.

MPs on Friday voted for two bills, one aimed at the structural support of the regions in which coal energy is the main source of energy. The second bill was the main - act on the cessation of the use of fossil coal (Kohleausstieggesetz). By results of voting the bills supported by the majority of deputies. Activists believe that the law should not have been accepted in this form and require a complete shift away from coal by 2030.

At the mouth of the river near Noril'sk the second day no exceeding of MPC of oil products

Experts the second day in a row is not fixed excess of maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of oil products in river estuary Barn after the accident at the CHP-3 in Norilsk, told RIA Novosti the representative of the emergency services.

"During the day, four water samples has not fixed excess of maximum permissible concentrations of oil products in the mouth of the river Barn," - said the Agency interlocutor.

In Sochi, disappeared from the lake

Staff of the Caucasian reserve, Sochi has discovered the loss of the Small lake, reported portal "Sochi Express."

Mirror pond has almost disappeared, and its main part is a mixture of mud and stones.

On lake Baikal appeared the ship, able to purify water from petroleum products

The first eco-tanker-the tug "hero of the Soviet Union Georgiy Moskalev", able to purify water from petroleum products, I pulled the trigger Sunday on lake Baikal in Buryatia, the press service of the President.

According to her, the ceremony was held in the village of Turka Baikal area. Environmental the ship is able to fuel and oil boats, make for the disposal of both liquid and solid wastes as well as sewage and petroleum products from other vessels. And most importantly - to recycle and clean the oil sludge and waste water to flush is clean water in lake Baikal.

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