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The authorities should decisively deal with the crisis, Kudrin said

The government needs to act more decisively in combating the current crisis, providing more substantial support to the economy and population, said the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin, speaking on Saturday from lecture to graduates of the Russian economic school (NES).

"We are a little slow to respond to the challenges of this crisis, which is not similar (to the crises of previous years - ed.) and our old formulas don't always work. That's why we need to act more decisively," said Kudrin.

Forbes named the best Russian University

Forbes magazine published a ranking of the 100 best universities in Russia, by placing in first place in this national research University "Higher school of Economics". Last year's leader MISIS this year took 16 th place.

This year Forbes changed the rating methodology that resulted in changes in it. Thus, changes in the metrics "Quality of education" - there is a parameter "Quality of teachers", consisting of estimates for the salaries of teachers, ratio of teachers and students, the presence and share of foreign teachers. Option "international activities" now consists of estimates for the share of foreign students studying in the University, organizing study tours and collaboration with foreign universities double degree programmes.