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New Zealand has suspended the extradition agreement with Hong Kong

The Minister of foreign Affairs of New Zealand Winston Peters announced that the country has suspended the extradition agreement with Hong Kong after the entry into force of the law on national security of the special administrative region of China, reports Radio New Zealand.

Earlier it was reported that the authorities intend to revise relations with Hong Kong after the entry into force of the law on national security of the special administrative region of the PRC. In particular, the revision concerned the extradition agreements, export control of strategically important products and recommendations on the visits to the special administrative region of the PRC.

In New Zealand the leader of Samoa, was sentenced to 11 years for slavery

A court in New Zealand was sentenced to 11 years in prison the leader of Samoa, who was accused of the enslavement of their countrymen, according to local portal Stuff.

As has established investigation, 66-year-old Joseph Matamata for 24 years, was lured to New Zealand Samoan citizens, enticing them well-paid jobs. In fact Polynesian migrants waited daily free labor on farms and in the home of the Matamata. In case of refusal to work they were beaten.

In New Zealand revealed no cases of transmission COVID-19 may

Doctors New Zealand for almost three months did not reveal any cases of transmission of infection by the coronavirus from person to person in the community, according to the Ministry of health of the country.

The Agency notes that on Thursday once again was not recorded new cases COVID-19.

The leader of the opposition in New Zealand resigned after 50 days in the post

The head of the opposition National party in New Zealand Todd Mueller decided to resign, said in a statement.

The New Zealand Herald reported may 22 that the opposition is New Zealand chose a new leader, the head of the National party was a little-known politician Todd Mueller, who worked for farmers for growing kiwi. The re-election of the leader of the National party occurred against the background of growth of popularity of the current Prime Minister of laburisti of Jacinda Ardern and accordingly the fall of the rating of its main political opponents.

The gunman in the mosque in Christchurch refused lawyers

Opened fire in new Zealand Christchurch the Aussie refused the services of lawyers and himself intends to represent their interests at the hearing, scheduled for August 24, 2020, reports the New Zealand Herald, citing lawyers.

In two mosques of Christchurch (South island, New Zealand) 15 March last year the shooting occurred, which, according to the police, killed 51 people, another 50 were injured. Charges were brought against the Australian Brenton to Tarrant, who was filming the attack on a mosque on video and a live broadcast on social networks. Tarrant pleaded guilty to committing a terrorist act.

New Zealand police will follow up quarantine centres

Police in New Zealand will the clock be present in the quarantine centers for infected with a new coronavirus infection after shoots patients in Auckland, radio station RNZ, citing air force commander Darren Digby Webb.

It is reported that the decision about the presence of police was made after Wednesday's 32-year-old man with a diagnosis of COVID-19 insulation left center, located in the hotel Oakland, and conducted outside its walls for more than an hour. This was the second "escape", earlier on Saturday, a woman climbed the fence of the hotel where he was quarantined. She was found nearby two hours later.

The Electron rocket launch company, Rocket Lab have been unsuccessful

The launch Electron a private us company Rocket Lab with seven satellites from the spaceport in New Zealand proved unsuccessful, the company said.

"The problem arose today during the launch of Rocket Lab, which led to the loss of the rocket. We apologize deeply to the customers (satellites - ed.) which was a rocket Electron. The problem occurred at the end of the flight during operation of the engine of the second stage," - said in a statement on Twitter.

"Roscosmos" the flood "Progress" with the waste of the ISS crew

Cargo ship "Progress MS-13" will depart from the International space station on 8 July and several hours later will be reduced from low-earth orbit, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the Roscosmos.

The ship "Progress MS-13" with goods arrived on the ISS in December 2019. The crew unloaded it and filled with debris.

The head of the health Ministry in New Zealand resigned because of a violation of the quarantine

Health Minister of New Zealand David Clark, who has previously violated imposed in connection with the spread of the novel coronavirus restrictive measures, left the post, the newspaper New Zealand Herald.

Earlier in April, Clark admitted that he violated the restrictive measures imposed in connection with the spread of the novel coronavirus. After the incident he expressed his willingness to resign, but the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said then that Clarke would remain on duty in connection with the tense situation due to the coronavirus.

Fiji is ready to open its borders to travelers from Australia and New Zealand

The island of Fiji plans to create a so-called "tourist bubble" with neighbouring Australia and New Zealand to resume the reception of tourists from these countries, according to Travel and Leisure.

To come to the island, travelers from nearby countries must undertake a two-week quarantine in their country and to obtain supporting insulation certificate and have to present a negative test result COVID-19. It is valid only 48 hours. There is another option: guests can spend a two-week isolation at the hotel in Fiji and take the tests there.

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