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In the USA, the Starbucks employee arrested for spitting in coffee COP

Barista Starbucks in the U.S. state of new Jersey was arrested for spitting in drinks who ordered the police, according to local news portal Northjersey.com with reference to the police.

It is reported that 21-year-old Kevin Trejo was arrested by the police after the investigation it was discovered that he spat in the drinks, which were ordered by the police.

Rock band Bon Jovi has a new song dedicated to George Floyd

American rock band Bon Jovi dedicated the new song "American Reckoning" memory of the African-American George Floyd and anti-racist protests that swept the U.S., reports Rolling Stone.

According to the leader of the group Jon Bon Jovi's new song "American Reckoning" is the reaction of musicians to the death of Floyd and the ensuing protests against racism.

"A city without police": truth and fiction about a town in new Jersey

The death of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis has led not only to riots and protests across the country, but also to a wave of demands for police reform, or even of its dissolution and redirection of Finance to support the black population.

On the crest of this wave the American media quickly took the story of the small town of Camden in new Jersey, which until recently was recognized as the most criminal city in the country. Eight years ago, the authorities dissolved the municipal police and, lo and behold, now the crime rate there fell by a third and the number of murders almost tripled. So straightforward, these events are portrayed by some journalists and supporters of the withdrawal of funding by police.

In the US, the humpback whale was thrown from the boat two people

Off the coast of new Jersey two people flew out of the boats after its collision with a humpback whale, according to ABC7.

Witnesses to the incident recorded on video, as the animal jumped out of the water and landed on the ship, throwing two people overboard and causing the boat to hit the beach.