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In the security Council told, as the founder of the "White helmets" deceived the West

The founder of the "White helmets" James Le Mesure "years led by the nose" government of the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Secretary of the Russian security Council Aleksandr Venediktov.

"Was that led them ["White helmets"], a British national, James Le Mesure – a crook who was only interested in a luxurious life. He drove the nose of the authorities of the United States, Britain, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, received huge grants and they were ready to fabricate anything "sensational" materials. The result – the scandal, the high-profile trial, and this gentleman, according to the official version, he committed suicide," - said Venediktov.

The EU revealed the reasons for the imposition of sanctions against the Russians

The European Union decision to impose its first sanctions for cyber attacks explained the accusations against individuals and organizations, which the EU believes are involved in "malicious activity in cyberspace".

Previously, the European Council agreed on the introduction of restrictive measures (asset freeze and travel ban in the EU (prohibition to directly or indirectly provide funds to specified individuals and entities) in respect of the six individuals (four citizens of Russia and two in China) and three organizations (Russia, China, North Korea). In the sanctions list, as follows from the document, got, particular, Alexey Minin, Alexey Morenets, Evgeny Serebryakov Oleg Sotnikov, and also the Main center of special technologies of the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces.

The EU refused to open its borders to the Russians until the end of August

The European Union decided to extend until the end of August a list of countries which will open the external borders of the member countries. This was reported by RBC Counsellor of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow the Timna Kouwenaar.

According to him, the EU, in contrast, discuss the closure of the borders with some States in case of deterioration of the epidemiological situation. The diplomat stressed that the exemptions are not talking.

In Brussels resumed the prolonged four-day EU summit

Lingering on four instead of the two-day summit of EU leaders resumed in Brussels almost at 21.30 local time (22.30 GMT), said the press Secretary of the head of the European Council of Barend Lats.

"Good evening and welcome to the European Council on the multi-year budget and Fund recovery. The President has just started a plenary meeting of the c-27," - wrote in Twitter a press-the Secretary of Charles Michel.

Spain was not against the presentation environment to create an EU Fund

Spain was not against the presentation environment to create an EU Fund for economic recovery, said the foreign Minister of this country, Arantxa gonzález Laya.

"Spain's position clear – we do not refuse from preconditions and not against good governance that will inspire confidence. But we want it to be in the framework of trust, clarity and transparency," the Minister said in an interview with radio station Cadena Ser.

Two Dutch soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in the Caribbean sea

Two Dutch soldiers were killed in the crash of an army helicopter in the Caribbean sea near the island nation of Aruba, NOS television reported with reference to the commander of the Dutch armed forces.

The channel notes that the NH90 helicopter fell into the water between the Islands of Aruba and Curacao are self-governing public entities and are part of the Netherlands. The incident happened in the afternoon on Sunday local time, the helicopter crashed into the water approximately 12.5 miles from the coast.

Against Kiev began an investigation of uncovered sky in the area of the crash MH17

Experts examine the role of Kiev in the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing, told RIA Novosti in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

"The investigation has already begun, it is held by a third party — by the flight safety Foundation.

Amsterdam to find out why Kiev did not close the sky with the crash of MH17

Amsterdam to find out why Ukraine has not closed the sky over the area of the crash Malaysian Boeing, told RIA Novosti in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. The investigation is conducted by the flight safety Foundation.

In June a Dutch lawyer Boudewijn van Eyck, representing the interests of the accused Russian Oleg Pulatova, said that the Hague agreed to examine the circumstances under which Kiev is not closed airspace for civil aviation in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine. According to him, such investigation may take up to six months. Press Secretary of Prosecutor's office of the Netherlands, Bregtje van de Modak explained to RIA Novosti that it is kept separately from the criminal proceedings on the crash.

Qatar welcomed the decision of the International court of justice in the case of avalokite

Qatar welcomed on Tuesday handed down the verdict of the International court of justice, which rejected the appeal which established a blockade of Qatar's neighbouring countries on the incompetence of the claims of the Doha ban on flights through their airspace by the International civil aviation organization (ICAO) told RIA Novosti in the press office of the government of Qatar.

2017 neighboring Arab countries Qatar and Egypt was banned in the Emirate of aircraft flying through their airspace and use their airports, in this connection, Qatar filed a complaint with the ICAO with a request to restore his right to fly in accordance with international agreements, but the countries filed a lawsuit in the international court of justice that ICAO has no jurisdiction to consider such questions.

Expert: consideration of the ECHR in complaint of the Hague on the MH17 could take ten years

Complaint by the Netherlands against Russia in the ECHR in the case of the collapse of Boieng (flight MH17) in Ukraine in 2014 may be accepted for consideration a year and a half with requests to the justice Ministry, and the examination may last for 6-10 years, told RIA Novosti chief editor of the official scientific and analytical journal "Bulletin of the ECHR" Yuri Berestnev.

On Friday, the government of the Netherlands issued a statement in which it announced the intention to file a lawsuit against Russia with the European court of human rights (ECHR) in connection with the crash of flight MH17. Later the Strasbourg court, RIA Novosti has confirmed the fact of receipt of the complaint, it is considered. The Russian foreign Ministry regarded the complaint as another blow to Russian-Dutch relations.

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