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The TV series "the Outer banks" renewed for a second season

. Netflix renewed the series for Teens "the Outer banks" for a second season, reports Variety.

The cast will remain the same, including chase Stokes, Rudy Panko, Madison Bailey and Jonathan Davis to return to their roles.

Charlize Theron said whether the "Immortal guard" continued

. Charlize Theron hinted in an interview with Variety on a possible continuation of the "Immortal guard."

On the question of the sequel, the actress replied that I do have such thoughts, but not yet approved.

Netflix has cancelled the shooting of the Turkish TV series with the character gay

Netflix had canceled the production of Turkish TV series "If only" ("If only") after the Turkish authorities rejected the company's license to shoot because the scenario the character is gay, according to Deadline.

According to the publication, the work on the project was announced in March. It was expected that its creation will be engaged in leading Turkish company producing drama series, and the main role performed by actress Özge Aspiring.

"Immortal guard" hits record on Netflix

. "Immortal guard" is on Netflix with big success, judging by the results of the first week of the show, according to the Twitter account of the platform.

According to estimates most services, a high number of views suggests that this month will see about 72 million users, and it will be included in the top ten most popular movies platform, surpassing 'Irish' by Martin Scorsese, which occupies the sixth place.

Netflix has made a rating of their most popular films

. Streaming service Netflix has ranked the most popular private films on the basis of the number of hits in the first four weeks after the release, reports Bloombreg.

In the first place was the Thriller "Tyler Rake: rescue Operation" with Chris Hemsworth (99 million views), followed by "Bird box" with Sandra bullock (89 million), the third – "Justice Spencer," with mark Wahlberg (85 million).

Stephen king sold the film rights to three novels three dollars

The media learned, American writer Stephen king sold the film rights to three novels from the book "If it bleeds," published in April of this year. The cost of each was only a dollar, reports Deadline.

So, based on the works of "Mr. Harrigan's phone" (Telephone with Mr. Harrigan") about the friendship of a boy with the late neighbor project will be created for the platform Netflix. The event will be Ryan Murphy ("American horror story", "Glee"), and Director John Lee Hancock ("the blind side").

Out the trailer for "Immortal guard" with Charlize Theron

Netflix and Skydance posted a new trailer for the Thriller "Immortal guard" based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucki.

Andy (Charlize Theron) and her subordinates from different eras – the immortal war that have lead their struggle for the sake of humanity. Suddenly it becomes clear that their abilities are compromised, they are forced to escape and in parallel to train a new fighter named Niall (Kiki lane).

The heirs of Conan Doyle sued on Netflix

The heirs of Arthur Conan Doyle have filed a lawsuit against Netflix due to the violation of their rights in the upcoming movie about younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, reports the Independent.

We are talking about "Enola Holmes" based on the books by Nancy Springer. The main role is played by Millie Bobby brown.

Appeared the first reviews of the Comedy "Eurovision: a History of fire Saga"

In the Network, viewers and critics left the first reviews of Comedy Netflix the Eurovision song contest: History of fire Saga" about the popular music competition with will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams in the lead roles.

On the aggregator web site dedicated to the collection of reviews Rotten Tomatoes, the film David Dobkin received a 56 percent "freshness" (for this film resource is considered successful when it receives from viewers and critics 60 percent positive reviews, and more. — Approx.ed.) is the average result.

Media: the actor from "the Magnificent century" will star in the new Netflix project

. Media reported that the Turkish actress to the Burj Biricik who took part in the TV series "the Magnificent century" in the role of one of the maids Hürrem Sultan will star in the new Netflix project, according to Karadeniz.

According to the publication, the movie will be called Fatma ("Fatma"). Show-run by the appointed producer of Basak Abazigal ("Instead of us two", 2016), and the script will prepare the score Onomer ("Aquarium", 2018).

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