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In Madrid will impose additional restrictions on coronavirus

The authorities of Madrid decided to introduce additional health measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in the capital region, said the head of government of the community of Madrid Isabel díaz Also.

Prior to that, according to the order of the Spanish government, a mask had to be worn in transport, any enclosed public places, on the streets, if it is not possible to observe two meters of social distance. Now the wearing of masks is mandatory, even if it is possible to keep the distance. Earlier similar measures were adopted in other Autonomous communities of the country, except for the Canary Islands.

In several municipalities of Catalonia have introduced strict quarantine

The authorities of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia made the decision about the introduction of strict quarantine in the city of Lleida and the seven municipalities of the province (Comarca Segre), officials said.

About 150 thousand of 430 thousand inhabitants of the region will not be allowed to leave their homes except in cases of urgent need (to go for food, to hospitals, to the needy in the care of relatives or to commute to work). It is expected that the measure will last 15 days.