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Experts have told how much banks will lose their license in 2020

A license for the current year will not lose more than 15 Russian banks, compared to 27 credit institutions a year earlier, the rate of withdrawal of licenses will decline, largely due to the suspension of three months on-site inspections of the Central Bank, told RIA Novosti Director on Bank ratings "Expert RA" Ludmila of Kozhekina.

Central Bank of 14 July revoked the license of the "National Bank of Tuva", it was the first revocation of the license from 31 January of the current year. In January 2020, the regulator has revoked the licenses of four credit institutions. In late March, the Bank of Russia has suspended inspections of banks and non-Bank financial institutions, renewing them on 1 July this year.

Central Bank resumes inspections of banks

The Bank of Russia from July 1 to resume inspections of credit institutions, which was suspended in March, follows from the message of the regulator.

CB due to the spread of coronavirus and transition most employees to a remote mode of operation has taken a decision to postpone for a period after July 1, scheduled inspections of banks, and suspended till July 1, preventive activities behavioral supervision. These measures were taken in order to reduce the risk of contamination and not to create additional operational burden on financial institutions.

Analysts have predicted record low mortgage rates in Russia

By the end of the year, average mortgage rates could fall to a historic low.

According to analysts, banks will be able to offer borrowers a mortgage with a rate below seven percent per annum.

ACRE: the third of the Russian regions will be able to avoid the growth of debt in 2020

About a third of Russian regions will be able to avoid the growth of debt burden in 2020 as they approached the beginning of the year with sufficient liquidity, said in an analytical comments of an ACRE, which is available to RIA Novosti.

According to ACRA, tax revenues to the budgets of the regions in 2020 will be reduced in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. In the absence of the ability to reduce costs in 2020 would increase budget deficits. Their mode of funding, according to analysts, will depend on the presence or absence accumulated at beginning of year liquidity.