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The mayor opened the station Setun ' WDC-1 after reconstruction

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has opened after reconstruction stopping point Setun ' WDC-1 in the Belarusian direction of the Moscow railway.

According to him, reconstruction and construction of new stations to the IDC is in a special mode, as all work is done on existing trunk routes without stopping the train traffic.

SK finds out circumstances of destruction of two persons in case of fire in the suburbs

Investigators began preliminary examination after two deaths in a fire in the Moscow suburb of Nakhabino, reports GSPC of Russia across the Moscow region.

Earlier it was reported that on June 2 two persons died in a fire in the village of Nakhabino, Moscow region. The fire occurred in a private dwelling house at the address: street station, 36. The fire area made 50 square metres.