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The atomic bombing of Nagasaki 9 August 1945

The city of Nagasaki is situated on the West of the island of Kyushu in Japan and is the administrative centre of the homonymous Prefecture. The city arose on the site of the fishing village, and was one of the main points you used contacts of Japan with foreign countries. During the isolation period of Japan, Nagasaki was the only port through which conducted limited trade with the Dutch and Chinese.

With the beginning of world war II, Nagasaki is not only not lost its significance as a major sea port, but also gained the important military significance because of the many industries operating in the city, first of all, shipbuilding, weapons and steel factories.

In Japan for 1.3 million people, announced and recommended the evacuation

Evacuation is recommended for 1.28 million people in four prefectures in southwest Japan due to bad weather, reported the TV channel NHK, based on assembled data from the field.

Evacuation is declared in the prefectures of Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Oita.

In three Japanese prefectures have declared the highest degree of danger

The main meteorological management of Japan announced the highest degree of danger in the three prefectures in the South-West of the country due to prolonged and heavy rains, reported the TV channel NHK.

The highest severity level out of five is declared in the prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga and Nagasaki in the North of the South-Western island of Kyushu. In some areas only one hour received more than 110 millimeters of rain. There is a great danger of floods, flooding residential areas, landslides. In eight prefectures declared the danger of landslides.

In Japan save the population of the flood-affected areas

The Japanese authorities evacuated the population of the flood-affected areas and conduct rescue operations in the East in connection with the ongoing rains.

According to various reports the Japanese media, in the city of Kumamoto and the number of settlements in the prefectures of Fukuoka and Kagoshima evacuated a total of 47.5 thousand people, and about 290 thousand people in the prefectures of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Aichi was advised to temporarily leave their homes because of the threat of flooding and landslides.

Western politicians know who "finished off the fascist vermin," said Putin

Western politicians know who started the Great Patriotic war, and who "finished off the fascist vermin in her den," but to promote an educational environment and in the media have another idea, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Of course, politicians in the West... they all know. Don't they know that Soviet Union was attacked by Nazi Germany, and Nazi Germany invaded on 22 June 1941 on the Soviet Union? What is not known, or what? All all know. Do they not know who finished off the fascist vermin in her den, who stormed Berlin? You know, of course. But in the books," said Putin at a meeting with the new composition of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

Liner Costa Atlantica, which was flash COVID-19, left Japan

Cruise liner Costa Atlantica, a member of the crew which was confirmed coronavirus, left the port of Nagasaki in Japan and took a course towards the Philippines, Kyodo news Agency reported.

The ship Costa Atlantica is owned by cruise company Costa Crociere S. p.A with headquarters in the Italian city of Genoa, went to Nagasaki without passengers for the prevention and repair in dock of Koyagi shipyard of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on March 25. It had to leave port in late April after completion of all work. However, in the middle of last month one of the team members had discovered a new type of coronavirus infection COVID-19. Total of 623 members of the crew of the ship have 149 people was detected infection of coronavirus, some of them hospitalized in serious condition.