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Named the five most serious incidents in manned space flights

The explosion on the ship "Apollo 13" during the flight to the moon, saved the unmanaged orbital station "Salyut-7", the fire on the Mir station and RAM the cargo ship "Progress", according to RIA Novosti, among the five most serious emergencies in manned space exploration. In contrast to disasters in the Soviet spacecraft "Soyuz-1 and Soyuz-11" and the American "Challenger" and "Columbia" video, thanks to the professionalism of the astronauts and ground experts, led to the death of the crew.

"Apollo 13" was the third ship that went to the moon with the goal of landing astronauts on its surface. The launch of a spacecraft with crew James Lovell, John Swigert and Fred Haise took place on 11 April 1970.

NASA announced the two outputs of astronauts in outer space

Two spacewalks for NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Christopher Cassidy is scheduled to perform aboard the International space station in mid-July, reported by NASA.

Earlier in the year 2020 has already held five outlets in the us program.

The ISS has set another filter to reduce the level of toxic benzene

Another carbon filter is installed in the U.S. segment of the International space station with the aim of reducing concentrations of toxic benzene in the air, said NASA.

"The crew installed a backup carbon filter to ensure additional purification of the atmosphere to further reduce the level of benzene on the ISS," - said on the NASA website.

Cosmonaut Ivanishin visited the ship Crew Dragon

Three American astronauts and Russian cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin, located on the International space station, spent an hour inside the spacecraft Crew Dragon, Elon musk, to evaluate its comfort, said NASA.

The spacecraft Crew Dragon with a crew of two flew to the ISS in late may. This is his first manned test flight is expected to last until early August.

NASA Boeing indicated at 81 problem after the failed launch Cockpit

NASA has identified more than 80 problems requiring revision in the created by Boeing piloted spaceship Cockpit, the date of his re test flight is still not defined, reported by NASA on Tuesday.

In December 2019, the ship Cockpit made its first test flight without a crew. For technical reasons, its docking with the ISS was cancelled. A few months later, after a failed test, the Deputy head of NASA for manned spaceflight Douglas Loverro said that the results of its first unmanned flight Starliner experts have identified more than 60 of the issues. He noted that the ship could double to lose.

On the American segment of the ISS was denied power supply unit

Power supply unit refused outside of the American segment of the International space station, is scheduled to be replaced by a new one with the manipulator, said NASA.

As noted on the website space Agency, the failure of the remote control unit power supply happened on 1 July. This unit provides power to one of the computers outside the station.

ISS shied away from the chip stage of the Russian "Proton"

An exceptional correction orbit of the International space station on Friday was held to avoid a possible collision with a fragment of the stage of the Russian rocket "proton", informed RIA Novosti the representative of NASA.

Earlier Roscosmos reported that the height of the ISS orbit increased by 900 metres with the help of engines docked to the station of the cargo ship "Progress MS-14", to avoid possible collision with space debris. The Corporation did not specify what it represents and who owns this garbage.

The center Khrunichev produces rocket "Angara" at a loss, said an expert

Space center Khrunichev produces rocket "Angara-A5" at a loss, should be released "Roscosmos" information, told RIA Novosti expert in the field of cosmonautics in Russia, Vadim Lukashevich.

Informed of the financial report of the Khrunichev Centre, it became known that the cost of manufacturing of the carrier rocket heavy class "Angara-A5" is 7 billion rubles. Thus, the Ministry of defense of the missile to continue flight tests sold at a price less than 5 billion rubles for a single missile, said, commenting on the financial report of subsidiaries "Roscosmos".

Toxic benzene on the ISS was first detected in April, media reported

Toxic benzene in the air on the International space station was first discovered in April, reported the American specialized site nasaspaceflight.com.

To increase the concentration of benzene in the atmosphere of the ISS, not exceeding the maximum allowable normal and non-threatening to the crew, in Roscosmos told RIA Novosti in may. The source of benzene is still not found.

A NASA astronaut lost a mirror during a spacewalk

NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy during a spacewalk aboard the International space station lost badge mirror, it fell off from the suit and sailed out of the station, reported the American specialized site spaceflightnow.com.

Friday Cassidy with astronaut Robert Behnken made out for replacement of batteries in the power supply system of the American segment of the ISS on new, imported Japanese cargo ship HTV-9 in may.

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