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"Not ashamed to lie?" Infected with coronavirus Anita Choi was accused of lying

Users of instagram have suspected the singer Anita Tsoy in a lie about infection with a coronavirus.

The actress posted a video from a hospital ward and told about his health.

Ex-participant of "factory of stars" harshly criticized the winner of the show

Ex-participant of "factory of stars" Rita Dakota in his instagram harshly criticized the winner of the seventh season of the show Anastasia Prikhodko.

According to the actress, her former rival for the project was shared fascist views. With her, the singer is constantly "fought and fought". Moreover, among the participants of the show were and others disagree with Prikhodko. So, one of the politically incorrect jokes of the future the winner of the project to address black women from Astrakhan Cornelia Mango led to the fact that she threw in her Bank energy.

Billboard has compiled a list of the best summer tracks from the 90s

Anna Chan, the author of Billboard magazine dedicated to music industry, compiled a list of the best summer songs that were popular in the 90-ies, and also served at this time first place in the charts Billboard's songs of the summer and the Billboard hot 100.

The absolute leader in 1990, the year was Mariah Carey. The title song "Vision of love" from the eponymous debut album, written in the style of pop R

Safronov's son made fun of skinny one hundred pounds Fadeeva

The son of artist Nikas Safronov pianist Luca Zatravkin said that losing weight a hundred kilos producer Maxim Fadeev demonstrates his "strange tendency to get rid of all unnecessary" writes "the Fifth channel".

The musician admitted that the news about weight loss Fadeeva upset him. He noted that he wanted to work with a producer, but the "magic sizes" is gone.

Fans of Metallica chose the best song

. Musicians Metallica announced the results of the "tournament" for best song. The winner was "Master of puppets”, the group said in his instagram.

In the final of “Master of puppets” walked "One". To the semifinals got also “Enter sandman” and “Fade to black”.

"Spleen" and "Bi-2" will take part in the online festival "Rock on the Volga"

The musical group "spleen" and "Bi-2" will participate in the annual international festival "Rock on the Volga 2020" in Samara, which this year will take place online on June 28, the press service of the project.

"The international festival "Rock over Volga", held in Samara annually from 2009 to 2013 and became the largest in Europe, was to be held in June 2020 at the stadium "arena Samara"... In may, the organizers of the company NCA - announced the cancellation of the festival. However, recently it was decided that for fans of rock 28 Jun NCA will prepare a real surprise - show format online with your favorite group "the spleen" and "Bi-2", - stated in the message of press-service.

The Network has criticized Vera Brezhnev for his appearance at the rehearsal

The Network has criticized the singer Vera Brezhneva for allegedly unfeminine appearance.

In its publication on instagram, the actress showed a video of a rehearsal of dance with the Ukrainian singer Monticom. Users in the comments to this post negatively assessed the appearance of the singer, and this attracted her attention.

Users appreciated the new Beyonce track "Black parade"

Users welcomed the new Beyonce track "Black parade", dedicated to the abolition of slavery in the United States, which it introduced on all digital platforms this Friday.

"Queen you can trust. We love you, Bay!" — wrote @rachrodgersesq.

Artificial intelligence has created a new Nirvana song

. A YouTube user has created using artificial intelligence a new Nirvana song, according to NME.

User under the name Funk Turkey explained that uploaded bot lyrics, so he created a new composition in the style of Nirvana. The result is a Smother track.

Valery explained why never sings with his daughter

Valeria said on instagram that her daughter Anna Shulgina, a useless and even "harmful" to sing in her concerts.

So she reacted to the comment of the subscribers will in a congratulatory post in honor of the birthday of the daughter of the artist.

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