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"Rosatom" has criticized the idea to reduce state support quantum computing

The proposal of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation to reduce by 50% of state funding for the development of quantum computing in 2020 may adversely affect plans to create a quantum computer by 2024, as the current year is planned to purchase equipment necessary to 4.7 billion rubles, said at the disposal of RIA Novosti the opinion of Rosatom.

The opinion of Rosatom was sent to the relevant working group ANO "Digital economy" on 3 June. He refers to the proposal of the Ministry on updating passports of the Federal project "Digital technology": the Agency is particularly proposes to reduce by 50% the amount of state support direction of "Quantum computing" in 2020, with the transfer of the funds in 2022.

The scientist told where the pool can be infected with coronavirus

The water in the pool is not a danger to humans due to the use of special disinfectants during processing, said an expert on biological defense, assistant Professor in the Department of physical chemistry of the National research technological University "MISIS" George Frolov TV channel "Zvezda".

Frolov also recommended to take before and after pool shower with soap and water to eliminate the possibility of infection with coronavirus. According to him, if the virus gets to the body, then in the shower it will wash off.