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The who admit that Russia will have to return restrictions due COVID

The representative of the world health organization in Russia, Melita Vujnović in an interview with RIA Novosti, did not rule out that Russia will again have to impose restrictive measures because of the coronavirus, if people do not obey the rules.

According to her, the prospect of returns prohibitions will exist as long as the world will be a cure or a vaccine against the coronavirus.

The foreign Ministry called the reports about the "Russian trace" in the riots in Serbia stuffing

The publication of the "Russian trace" in the riots in Belgrade are "low-paid", said the Minister.

Representatives of the foreign Ministry called the charges surge.

In Moscow, died 28 patients with coronavirus

In Moscow the day he died on 28 patients with confirmed pneumonia and a positive test result for coronavirus, reported in the operational headquarters.

Yesterday in the capital died 32 people. The total number of victims has reached 4087.

Flight Moscow — Gelendzhik took Smoking on Board drunk tourist

The police got off flight "Moscow-Gelendzhik" drunken woman who was Smoking on the plane, said on Thursday the Department of transport of the MIA of Russia for the southern Federal district.

According to authorities, the woman, disturbing public order on Board the Moscow flight, he joined the staff of the transport police Gelendzhik from the representative of the airline. The flight attendant reported that the plane "Moscow-Gelendzhik", which is landing, you want the police.

In Moscow on the purple metro line will reduce travel cost

On the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow metro since September will lower tariffs outside rush hour, said in an interview with TV channel "Moscow 24" the head of the Department of transportation and development of road transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov.

Discount travel may reach 50 percent. According to officials, the experiment will last eight to ten months. If it is deemed successful, such practices can begin to apply in other branches.

Moscow Prosecutor's office began an investigation after the strike of couriers

The Moscow Prosecutor's office began checking the six companies after the strike deliver meals to couriers, the press service of the Ministry.

On Tuesday in the capital GSSC reported that the investigators launched an investigation after reports in the media about non-payment of wages to employees of the capital delivery service. In Delivery Club said that the debts arose from one of the logistics partners of the service. Later it was noted that the majority of couriers of delivery service Delivery Club working through the logistics company partner, received payments of wages in full. It was reported that a total of a delay of salaries has faced 326 couriers. The Moscow Prosecutor's office also began checking.

The foreign Ministry had prepared measures due to the emergence of the LGBT flag at the Embassy premises

Deputy Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry Ilya Timokhov said that the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has prepared the material with the position of the Ministry regarding the actions of the embassies of the US and Britain hung out the flag of the LGBT community at their embassies in Moscow, as well as the measures taken, including in the legal plane.

Earlier it was reported that the state Duma Commission on investigation of facts of interference of foreign States in the internal Affairs of Russia will direct appeal to the foreign Ministry about the emergence of LGBT flags on buildings of the embassies of the United States and Britain in Moscow, said the head of the Committee Vasily Piskarev. Earlier, Deputy speaker of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Pyotr Tolstoy asked the head of the Duma Commission on investigation of facts of interference in the Affairs of the Russian Federation Vasily Piskareva to assess the actions of the American and British diplomatic missions, hung out the flag of the LGBT community in their embassies in Moscow and also appreciate the words of the Ambassador of Canada in Russia about the dangers of the amendments to the Constitution, which can be regarded as attempt of pressure upon free will of the citizens.

The foreign Ministry did not rule out retaliatory measures to sanctions by the UK against Russia

Moscow reserves right to adequate retaliatory measures after the decision of London of the sanctions on the "Magnitsky case", said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

Earlier, the UK published its "Magnitsky list", which included the head of SK Alexander Bastrykin and other law enforcement officials of the Russian Federation.

Peter Verzilova check for sanity

The consequence has appointed the publisher of "media zones" Peter Verzilova, against whom a criminal case due to the fact that he did not notify the migration service about his canadian passport, a psychiatric examination, reported RIA Novosti his lawyer Leonid Solovyov.

"Peter has appointed psychiatric examination because he was in a coma after poisoning in 2018," - said the lawyer. According to Solovyov, he did not give a copy of the resolution on purpose of examination.

In Moscow found the car owner with debts on the fines of 400 thousand rubles

"Moscow Parking", together with the U.S. marshals revealed the owner from the debts on fines in the amount of 400 thousand rubles, reports the press service of the Moscow Parking.

"The ninth of July in the course of joint RAID of the Moscow Parking and GU FSSP bailiffs detained the car Mazda 3. The owner left the vehicle without payment at Parking, resulting in accumulated fines in the amount of 300 thousand rubles. Total debt amount, including fines for other traffic violations amounted to more than 400 thousand rubles", - stated in the message.

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