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In Morocco, the fishermen found in the ocean a message in a bottle from Schoolgirls from USA

In Morocco, the fishermen pulled from the ocean a bottle with a message from Schoolgirls from North Carolina, reports the Independent Tribune.

The letter traveled over four thousand miles across the Atlantic ocean.

Tourists are told where they want to relax after the opening of the borders

Tourists interviewed by the online service, said if they are willing to change plans for the summer, if in the near future will open flights from a number of countries, reports OneTwoTrip.

Among the countries that in the near future may be possible, the media citing sources in the government called, for example, Hungary, Maldives, South Korea and UAE.

The foreign Ministry has warned about the introduction of quarantine measures in some countries

The Russian foreign Ministry announces the introduction of quarantine measures in some countries because of rising cases of infection COVID-19.

"China, Hong Kong – growth of infections COVID-19

Media: the EU can reduce the list of countries for the lifting of travel restrictions

The European Union, which these days holds regular consultations on the list of third countries with which recommended removing restrictions on travel, can once again reduce the list, with the exception of Algeria and Morocco, reported the Agency Bloomberg with reference to its European sources.

"According to one source, from a re-updated list, which should appear in the environment, can be removed Algeria and Morocco," says the Agency.

Morocco will close eight cities, because of the situation with coronavirus

Moroccan authorities announced to take effect in the night of Monday the ban on entry and exit to and from eight cities of the Kingdom in connection with the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus infection.

From 00.00 on July 27 (02.00 GMT), is prohibited entry into the city of Casablanca, Tangier, Tetouan, Fes, Marrakech, Meknes, Berrechid, Settat, it is told in received RIA Novosti news Agency the press release of the Ministry of interior and the Ministry of health of Morocco.

In Morocco, announced the transition to the third stage of easing of the quarantine

Morocco goes from July 20 to the third stage of easing of the quarantine restrictions imposed in the fight against the coronavirus, said in a statement the government of the Kingdom.

According to a statement from Monday, in particular, tourist facilities can operate at 100%, in terms of capacity, although occupancy located on their territories restaurants, swimming pools and sports halls must not exceed 50% of the total capacity.

In Morocco, the number of people infected with coronavirus has exceeded 16 thousand

The number of cases COVID-19 in Morocco has exceeded 16 thousand, more than 13 thousand patients have recovered, said the country's Ministry of health on Tuesday.

A day in the Kingdom was 111 new cases of infection and one case with a fatal outcome. According to published on the website of the Ministry of health statistics, the total number of infection cases increased to 16 047. Since the beginning of the epidemic died 256 people, recovered 13 403.

Morocco partially opens sea and air borders from 14 July

The Kingdom of Morocco partially resumes a sea and air transport from July 14, according to a joint press release of the Ministry of interior, Ministry of foreign Affairs and other ministries.

Morocco from March 15 fully suspended international flights in pandemic coronavirus.

Morocco was allowed to resume work at the mosques closed because COVID-19

Moroccan authorities allowed to resume work at the mosques, closed in March in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus, under condition of observance of all necessary measures for the health and safety and temporary ban on holding Friday prayers, said Tuesday the Ministry of Awqaf (Islamic religious property) of the Kingdom.

"Following consultations with medical and administrative authorities decided to open mosques throughout the country to conduct the five daily prayers since the 15th of July" - it is told in received RIA Novosti news Agency the statement of the Ministry.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Morocco exceeded 14 thousand

The number of identified cases of infection with coronavirus new type in Morocco exceeded 14 thousand, according to the Ministry of health of the Kingdom.

According to the Ministry, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the Kingdom reached 14 132 ( 698 per day), recovered 9410 people ( 196 per day), died 234 ( 2 per day). More than a quarter of all infections (25,90%) were revealed in the region of Casablanca-Settat.

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