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Germany will receive its first 24 families of migrants with children who need treatment

The first 24 families in Greece of migrants, which is in need of treatment of children, next week will arrive in Germany, said interior Ministry spokesman Steve Alter, in total, Germany will take 243 children with their families.

"The Federal Minister (of internal Affairs of Germany Horst) Seehofer has decided that 243 children in need of treatment, will be taken (in Germany) from Greece along with core members of their families. Arrival in Kassel (a city in the Central part of Germany – ed.) the first 24 families scheduled for next Friday," wrote Alter in Twitter.

In Luxembourg, will be fined for improperly discarded mask

The Luxembourg authorities plan to introduce fines for improperly discarded medical mask, according to Euro-Pulse.

Experts explain that disposable masks made of synthetic fibres and cannot be recycled, so I'm supposed to throw in the tank for non-recyclable household waste. They usually burn, including for energy.

Norway has abolished the quarantine for arriving from a number of European countries

The Norwegian government approved the new recommendations, according to which entering the Kingdom from a number of European countries, except Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia and several others, do not have to undergo the quarantine, as it was before, according to the newspaper VG.

"Since July 15 can again be travelling to some European countries with a relatively favorable situation for the coronavirus without isolation upon return, and tourists from these countries will be able to come to Norway and not to comply with the quarantine," the newspaper reports.

The first group of refugee children went from Greece to Portugal

The first group of 25 unaccompanied minor refugees went from Greece to Portugal, only Portugal will take 500 homeless, according to the Greek Ministry of migration and asylum.

In the framework of the European plan is planned to transport 1600 unaccompanied minors from Greece to member countries of the EU. Group of street children, already adopted by the UK, Germany, Luxembourg. In Greece there are about 4.8 thousands of unaccompanied migrant children and refugees.

Estonia has updated the requirements of the quarantine for arriving from the EU

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia has updated the requirements of the quarantine for arriving from European countries, from Monday for two weeks in quarantine will be necessary to hold the tourists from Bulgaria, Croatia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Romania, the Czech Republic and the UK.

"The requirement of a two-week quarantine Monday, July 6, is introduced to arriving to Estonia tourists from the Czech Republic and Croatia. This requirement continues to operate for those coming from Sweden, UK, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and Luxembourg," - said in the message.

Estonia will introduce mandatory quarantine for travellers from Luxembourg

Estonia from June 29 introduces a two-week quarantine of arriving travelers from Luxembourg, this requirement also holds for visitors from Sweden, UK, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria, but is abolished tourists from Poland, said on Saturday the press service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

"The requirement of a two-week quarantine Monday, June 29, is introduced to arriving to Estonia tourists from Luxembourg. This requirement continues to operate for those coming from Sweden, UK, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria, the Requirement for quarantine of a new week will no longer spread to the guests from Poland", - stated in the message.

Couple from UK travels around Europe in caravan

The UK since may last year romp through Europe in a caravan, according to Lonely Planet.

Travel in the camper and still allows to comply with the measures of social distancing and isolation, found a British couple Josh and Harriet. However, they went to meet the adventure back in may of last year.

Russia could terminate a tax Treaty with Cyprus, media reported

Talks about changing the tax agreement with Cyprus still in stalemate, and it may be terminated, wrote in a Friday newspaper "Vedomosti" referring to Federal officials and several consultants who know about it from officials.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the end of March was offered to tax at 15% income dividends transferred to accounts abroad. This requires an adjustment of agreements with other countries for avoidance of double taxation. The President warned that Russia would unilaterally be released from such agreements with those countries that will not accept its proposals.

Spanish police defused a group illegally supplying TV content

European law enforcement authorities have dismantled a gang that was involved in the delivery of content Internet TV IPTV two million customers worldwide, says the report of the National police of Spain.

The operation was conducted by Europol, Eurojust, Spain's national police and law enforcement agencies of some other European countries.

Named the country with the most affordable gas for the population

Kazakhstan and Luxembourg, the UK and Russia - these very different countries have in common is that their residents can afford on their salaries to buy more natural gas, these are the results of the study, prepared by experts of RIA rating on the order of RIA Novosti. The smallest volume you can afford to buy citizens of Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia.

In 2019, the situation of the gas market has deteriorated sharply. The average price on the Dutch TTF trading floor decreased by 43.6% to $ 160 per thousand cubic meters, while at the end of the year the price of gas was about $ 140. In 2020, the situation has not changed for the better – prices continued to fall, and fell even more rapidly, and in may they fell below $ 40 per thousand cubic meters.

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