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In Belarus, protests, arrested more than 360 people

More than 360 people were arrested during the past at the end of last week, protests in Belarus, said Wednesday not registered by the authorities human rights center "Spring".

The report notes that the detention took place in 19 cities across the country. "This is - Minsk (over 260 people), Gomel (13), Bobruisk (12), Novopolotsk (10), Gantsevichi (10), Borisov (10), Novogrudok (9), Vitebsk (7), Mogilev (6 or more), Brest (6), Rechitsa (3), Volkovysk (3), Molodechno (3), Soligorsk (2), Grodno (2), Orsha (2), Svetlogorsk (1), Lida (1), Slutsk (minimum 1). In addition, Slonim participants of the action were summoned to the police station later for drawing up reports", - is spoken in the message.

Early voting for the Russian Constitution to be held in Minsk and Brest

Early voting for the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation will be organized in Belarus at the sites located in Minsk and Brest, according to the website of the Russian Embassy.

According to the Embassy, the main voting day, July 1, the stations will operate from 08.00 to 20.00 (same as GMT), including the added areas in Gomel (in Russian centre of science and culture) and Mogilev (in the Lyceum of the Belarusian-Russian University).

Belarusian human rights activists said the number of detainees after the pickets

About 80 people, including journalists, were detained in Minsk after the final pre-election pickets, which took place in the framework of election campaign of the President of Belarus, said on Saturday not registered by the authorities of the Republic of the human rights center "Spring".

On Friday evening near the building of Belarusian state Philharmonic society, opposition candidates for the presidency of Belarus Nikolai Kozlov and Olga kovalkova found the last pickets for collection of signatures in their support. Pickets concluded that people in different parts of Minsk were built in the "chain of solidarity", thereby supporting the candidates for the post of President of the Republic, an alternative to the incumbent President Alyaksandr Lukashenka. A few hours after the start of the stock militiamen carried out in the capital a number of arrests. Natural "chain of solidarity" was built in the regions.

In Belarus detained the members of the initiative group of the candidate of Babariko

The headquarters of the candidate for the post of President of Belarus Victor Babariko has information about the detention of two members of his initiative group, told RIA Novosti on Friday, his press service.

"According to received information, in Mogilev detained a coordinator of the initiative group of the Mogilev region Vladimir Dudarev," said the spokesman. He noted that a team policy has found him a lawyer who started to work.

Lukashenko urged Belarusians to win several "pandemics"

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged citizens of the country "beautiful" to pass a difficult epidemiological period and win several "pandemics" in the areas of health, politics, Economics, and intandem.

As reports Sputnik of Belarus, Lukashenko on Saturday on a visit to Mogilev on a working visit. Where the head of state lit candles in the Church of the St. Nicholas convent and talked with the parishioners. Lukashenko, in particular, spoke on the topic of the incidence of coronavirus COVID-19, noting that in Belarus gradually this issue goes away, including in Mogilev the situation quite well.