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Appeared in Moscow art object "Light piano 1905"

Art object "Light piano 1905", which are two red ribbons with dynamic svitolina and sound effects appeared on the square near the metro station "Ulitsa 1905 goda" in Moscow, according to the official portal of the mayor and government capital.

"The illumination changing color, it is located along the front of the tape, and sound elements are mounted on each wing groups in 26 pieces. The distance between the left and right wing is seven meters, both of the art object is synchronized and activated at the same time... the world of the piano are only two: one in Minnesota in the USA, the other in the Russian capital," are available on the website of the press service of the Department overhaul of Moscow.

In the USA the police caught Nude by a drone

The police of Minnesota confirmed that officers are using drones for catching nudists sunbathing in the wrong places, according to UPI.

Local residents have repeatedly complained about the tourists who spend leisure time on a lake in a Park in Minneapolis. Then it was decided to use new technology to combat offenders. Police officer Randy Small said that it's time to bring them to justice.

Family of George Floyd has filed a lawsuit against the authorities of Minneapolis

The family of black George Floyd, who was killed in detention by police, has filed a lawsuit against the city government of Minneapolis, in which the incident occurred, reports the associated Press.

The claim was forwarded to the district court of the state of Minnesota and in addition to the authorities of the town calls as defendants are the four officers involved in the arrest of Floyd.

The ex-COP commented on the genuflecting law enforcement

The genuflecting of police with protesters is acceptable, unless it is the expression of a political position, but simply in solidarity with the society, says ex-police Raj of Ramnarine from Minnesota.

He worked in the police in different capacities for 25 years.

As in Minnesota prepare "good cops" and where are "bad"

Minnesota, in the capital of which Minneapolis during the arrest police killed an African American George Floyd and where there were mass riots and pogroms throughout the country and the world, with different States the system of training policemen. The problem of prejudice against the police to the people traced the racial aspect.

RIA Novosti has tried to understand how police training that is done at this stage to resolve the racial issue and why, despite the selection in the profession still are unscrupulous guards.

The media has named the date of the first meeting on the case of Floyd

The trial of ex-police officers who participated in the arrest of an African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis, will begin in March next year, NBC television reported, citing Hennepin County judge Peter Cahill.

As the channel, the judge stated that "it remains to be seen" whether the trial of all four former police officers to pass at the same time, however, the first meeting will be held on 8 March 2021.

The authorities in new Jersey dismantled the monument to Columbus

The authorities of the American city of Camden, new Jersey, dismantled the monument to the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus in a city Park, saying that previously, local residents have repeatedly appealed to the administration with the relevant requests, reports CBS TV channel.

Workers of urban services took the statue from the pedestal and broke into pieces. Some residents advocating for the demolition of the monument, has caused the loss. According to the TV station, residents have long asked the authorities to remove the monument, and even planned to hold on Saturday March in support of this claim. According to the organizers of the event, the authorities found out about their plans and themselves dismantled the statue.

Boston authorities will be removed in the repository beheaded the monument to Columbus

The authorities of the American city of Boston will send on time to the store a monument to the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus, who were beheaded during the protests, according to local news portal Boston.com with reference to mayor Marty Walsh.

"We intend this morning to remove the monument and place it in the vault to assess the damage caused to him", he added.

Media: the protesters tore down a statue of Columbus in Minnesota

The protesters demolished the monument to Christopher Columbus in the city of Saint Paul in the U.S. state of Minnesota, the newspaper reports the Star Tribune.

Earlier, protesters in Richmond, Virginia, demolished the monument to Columbus and threw him into the lake.

The U.S. court refused the claim of the reporter to the police of the Minnesota group

The court in USA refused to do a class action journalists to police Minnesota for the attack in the light of protests. The court also refused to ban police ill-treatment of journalists, stated in the order of judge Wilhelmina Wright.

The plaintiffs in the case is the branch of the American civil liberties Union (ACLU) in Minnesota, reporters Jared Goyette and Craig Lassig and the trade Union of workers of communications of the CWA. They demanded to make the suit a class, that can join all the journalists who suffered at the hands of police of Minnesota.

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