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Trump retweeted a video of a couple making the weapons on the protesters

The pair pointed their guns on the protesters, turned out to be the center of attention in the US because of the retweet Donald trump.

The President of the USA retweeted the video, which the residents of St. Louis in Missouri mark Makloski and his wife, Patricia directed at the crowd of protesters a gun and a pistol. The protesters went to the house of the Governor of the state, who lives nearby.

The choice of death. Why Americans return to the highest measure

The Federal government, the United States resumed executions. The sentence is execution for the first time since 2003: four criminals will make a kind of poison injection. The governors of many States are opposed, and we intend to maintain the moratorium on capital punishment. Why this issue has divided American society, to understand RIA Novosti.

"The four killers were sentenced to death after thorough investigation. The verdict rendered in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. We owe it to the victims of horrific crimes, their families and required to lead the sentence," said attorney General William Barr.

The OSCE commented on the US decision to resume the death penalty

The death penalty does not act as a deterrent, but does any irreversible miscarriage of justice, told RIA Novosti in the Office for democratic institutions and human rights (ODIHR) of the OSCE, commenting on the decision of the US Federal government.

Earlier, the U.S. Department of justice reported that Federal authorities plan to resume in mid-July the death penalty after a nearly 20-year hiatus. Death penalty inmates in the United States scheduled on 13, 15 and 17 July and 28 August.

In Missouri dismantled a statue of Christopher Columbus stood for 140 years

The administration of the Park, tower grove, located in the American city of Saint Louis (Missouri) dismantled the monument to Christopher Columbus, who was there for 140 years, amid protests against racism and the mass demolition of monuments to the USA, informs television channel Fox 2.

The administration of the Park

The US Federal government in July will resume the death penalty

The US Federal government scheduled to resume in mid-July the death penalty after a nearly 20-year hiatus, according to the website of the Ministry of justice.

In July last year it was reported that US Federal authorities to resume the practice of the death penalty as an exceptional punishment after almost 20 years break.

Media: submarines of the U.S. did decades of low-quality steel

A leading supplier of high-strength steel for submarines of the U.S. Navy for decades has supplied poor quality metal, because one of the employees of the company falsified the results of laboratory studies, told the associated Press, citing court documents.

It is reported that we are talking about based in Kansas city (Missouri) company Bradken. According to the U.S. Department of justice, in the framework of the agreement about deferred prosecution, the company paid $ 10.5 million.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary complement the definition of the word "racism"

. The compilers of the Merriam-Webster agreed to the proposal of a graduate of the University of Missouri to amend the definition of "racism", reports the Independent.

Kennedy Mitchum, recently graduated from Drake University, explained to the editors why said the current dictionary entry is incomplete and suggested adding the idea of oppression.

Webster will review the definition of the word "racism"

The editors of the American English dictionary Merriam-Webster, better known as Webster, decided to revise the definition of the word "racism" after the letters of African Americans-Kennedy Mitch from Missouri, according to broadcaster KMOV.

Webster's dictionary defined racism as "a belief that race is the primary determinant of traits and abilities and that racial differences give rise to peculiar to a particular race superiority". Mitch did not agree with this definition: in its opinion, it is too easy and superficial.

In the United States has indicted the suspect in the murder of the head of police of the city

The Prosecutor's office in St. Louis charged with the murder suspect in the case of the death of the chief of police of the city of Moline acres and a retired police captain of St. Louis African-American David Dorn, who was shot during the riots, which began after the death of George Floyd from the hands of the police.

Earlier it was reported that 77-year-old Dorn was killed on Tuesday, June 2, in St. Louis, when, presumably, tried to stop the robbery of a pawnshop. According to the widow of the deceased, Dorn was a friend of the owner of the pawn shop and frequently check the status of the store when the alarm is triggered.

In St. Louis shot and wounded four police officers during the protests

Four police officers were injured in a shooting during protests in the city of St. Louis (Missouri), told the local police Department on Twitter.

According to media reports, the shooting occurred near the headquarters of the police in the city centre, where during the night there were several cases of clashes of protesters with the police. The riots began with the onset of evening. Protesters looted several shops and torched one of them.