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Family of George Floyd has filed a lawsuit against the authorities of Minneapolis

The family of black George Floyd, who was killed in detention by police, has filed a lawsuit against the city government of Minneapolis, in which the incident occurred, reports the associated Press.

The claim was forwarded to the district court of the state of Minnesota and in addition to the authorities of the town calls as defendants are the four officers involved in the arrest of Floyd.

The media has named the date of the first meeting on the case of Floyd

The trial of ex-police officers who participated in the arrest of an African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis, will begin in March next year, NBC television reported, citing Hennepin County judge Peter Cahill.

As the channel, the judge stated that "it remains to be seen" whether the trial of all four former police officers to pass at the same time, however, the first meeting will be held on 8 March 2021.

In the United States are investigating the use of aircraft to monitor the protests

The inspector General of the U.S. air force began an investigation of possible irregularities in the use of reconnaissance aircraft to monitor the protests in Washington and Minneapolis, reports the New York Times.

According to the publication, a request for an investigation, apparently, came from congressmen concerned about the actions of the Pentagon. In their opinion, the use of reconnaissance aircraft to monitor the protests could violate the civil rights of mostly peaceful demonstrators who oppose police abuse against African Americans.

In new Mexico shooting occurred during protests

The shooting occurred in the American city of Albuquerque, new Mexico, during the protests against racism and police brutality after the murder of a police officer of African-American George Floyd, the victim is in serious condition, according to local police.

It is noted that law enforcement officers after the incident used "chemical irritants and stun grenades" to ensure the safety of police officers and the arrest of suspects in the shooting, who was taken into custody for questioning.

In Portland, an unknown demolished a monument to Thomas Jefferson

Unknown demolished a bronze monument to the third US President Thomas Jefferson in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, according to local television station KOIN-TV.

On Sunday afternoon next to the statue installed at the school of Jefferson, has gathered dozens of protesters. The rally was planned movement for the rights of blacks Black Lives Matter (BLM). The protesters wrote on the pedestal of the statue, the word "slave owner".

Unknown poured paint over a monument to the journalist Indro Montanelli in Milan

Unknown on Saturday desecrated the statue of the famous Italian journalist Indro Montanelli in Milan, dousing her in red paint and leaving a label of "rapist" and "racist", writes the Milanese newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Montanelli (1909-2001) was a prominent journalist, writer and historian. Most of his career he devoted work in the Corriere. In his youth he took part in the Italo-Ethiopian war, during which, according to his confession, according to local customs I bought a 12 year old girl and married her. After the war Montanelli said that he felt for her physical hostility and came into contact with her, according to the well known among his colleagues traditions that didn't stop criticism in its address. The experience of the war in Abyssinia finally changed his attitude toward the Mussolini regime, and after the Second world Montanelli made a name for himself in journalism, speaking with anti-Communist positions.

In Atlanta, about 36 people were detained amid protests

At least 36 people detained in Atlanta amid protests that erupted after the death of African-American Rashard Brooks, who received a gunshot wound from police, according to the StarTribune, with reference to the representative of the local police.

On Saturday in Atlanta the protests began due to the fact that the 27-year-old African American Rashard Brooks died, after the arrest on Friday was shot by police. As reported by the police, the police on Friday evening got a call from the complaints that the car in which slept the man, blocked part of the playgrounds at fast food restaurant Wendy's. They found that Brooks was drunk, and tried to detain him, but he grabbed one of the officers Taser and tried to escape. A police officer shot the man, Brooks died in a hospital after surgery. The chief of police of Atlanta Eric shields after the incident has resigned. The gunman police officer was fired and another officer involved in the arrest, Brooks was suspended from field work.

Atlanta police officer fired, fatally wounding African American

The leadership of the police of the city of Atlanta (us state of Georgia) has fired a police officer who on Friday during the arrest fatally shot African-American Rashard Brooks, told the Guardian referring to the representative of police.

The TV station notes that one police officer involved in the arrest of Brooks, was removed from operational work.

In Australia about seven thousand people attended the anti-racist action

About seven thousand people in several cities of Australia taking part in demonstrations in support of refugees and the movement Black Lives Matter who are against the violence against black people, reports the Australian television and radio ABC.

Demonstrations and protests were held in Perth, Darwin, Rockhampton, Brisbane and Melbourne. The largest rally in support of Black Lives Matter was held in Perth – according to preliminary data, in it have taken part about 5 thousand people. Demonstrators wore masks and kept between the recommended distance. In Darwin to protest came about two thousand people. In Brisbane, to Express support for the imprisoned refugees, there were about 100 people in Melbourne about 20 people in Sydney is about 60.

Police in Minneapolis has condemned the murder of a former colleague Floyd

A group of police officers in Minneapolis published an open letter condemning the actions of the former colleagues of Derek Shovina, accused in the murder of an African-American George Floyd, according to local newspaper the Star Tribune.

Law enforcement officers said they're aiming to work with people to regain their trust. According to them, expressed in a letter opinion finds widespread support in the police Department of Minneapolis, which has about 900 employees.

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