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Taken hostage at Milan's Cathedral was an Egyptian

Italian police have published details of a hostage taking in the Milan Cathedral and the operation to arrest the attacker.

On Wednesday, an unknown young man broke through the control at the entrance to the Duomo and, threatening with a knife, took hostage one of the guards of the main attractions of the city. In the media the offender was described originally from North Africa.

Became known, when will be held the second edition of Global Digital Talents

The second edition of international fashion show Global Digital Talents will be held from 4 to 6 September in an online format. This time the fashion event will focus on sustainable development, told RIA Novosti in the press service.

Now the organizers opened the reception of applications for participation (it will last until 9 August). Showcase your collection will be Moscow designers and brands of clothes, shoes and accessories that operate no more than five years and have worked at least one of the following areas: upcycling (re-using already finished products)

Italy will introduce a rapid test for COVID-19 airports

The Italian authorities take further measures to curb the spread of coronavirus infection, in particular, are preparing a rapid tests to identify infected persons at airports and toughen penalties for non-use of medical masks in enclosed public spaces and in the open air, when there is no opportunity to observe social distance.

The Ministry of health of Italy believes that the currently epidemiological situation in the country is under control, but it urges citizens to be as careful as possible at least until the appearance in the sale of the vaccine COVID-19, which is expected in early 2021. Before mass vaccination of the Italians asked to be responsible and prudent, because the virus still poses a great threat.

In Milan due to heavy rains the river overflowed and flooded part of the city

The water level in the rivers Lambro and Seize flowing through the territory of Milan, on Friday in heavy rainstorms in 20 minutes has risen by almost three meters, reported in Facebook the assessor on transport "Northern capital" of Italy Marco Granelli.

"In Milan fell to 70 millimeters of rain per hour - in a normal month. Level Cevese in the Niguarda area rose from 40 centimeters to 3.1 meters, that is 2.7 meters in 20 minutes, 13.5 centimeters per minute. The consequences of climate change", - wrote the representative of the city administration.

Police found and arrested the traffickers thanks to "John Wick"

Italian police due to the action movie "John Wick" seized shipment of drugs, consisting of 500 dummy coffee bean, filled with cocaine, weighing 150 grams, according to TMZ.

According to the publication, a prohibited substance is transported from Colombia. In the Milan airport, the officers noticed a strange package with coffee, which was carrying a single passenger. The package was written the name of the customer "Santino D'antonio" ("Santino D'antonio").

Who appreciated the version about the presence COVID-19 dormant until a pandemic

The representative of the world health organization (who) in Russia, Melita Vujnović in an interview with RIA Novosti said that does not exclude the version about the existence COVID-19 dormant long before the pandemic, noting that now scientists are exploring the origins of the virus

Previously senior research fellow at the Oxford Centre of evidence-based medicine Tom Jefferson expressed the opinion that the new type of coronavirus originated not in China and not in Wuhan laboratory, and was in the world long before the pandemic in the sleeping state. According to him, traces of virus were found in sewage Barcelona in March 2019 and also in the sewage of Milan and Turin.

In Italy arrested an alleged supporter of ISIS*

Milan carabinieri arrested a convert to Islam and Italians on charges of religious propaganda for criminal purposes.

Anti-terrorist investigators of the office of the carabinieri thought 38-year-old man presenting a danger, because his circle of friends "at both the national and international levels consisted of a network of people engaged in a systematic propaganda in favor of "Islamic state"* through posts and comments in social networks".

Russian woman, wounding a bartender in Turin with a knife, is accused of attempted murder

Russian woman arrested in Turin, Italy for the stabbing bar owner allegedly made her obscene allusions in exchange for employment, charged with attempted murder, told reporters at the Russian Embassy in Italy.

On Thursday, the representative of Consulate General of Russia in Milan in conversation with RIA Novosti confirmed that Russian citizenship was arrested.

In Italy came to sensational conclusions about the coronavirus

Coronavirus was present in the wastewater of Milan and Turin in December last year — to such conclusion experts from the Italian Higher Institute of health.

The researchers examined 40 samples of sewage collected from October 2019 to February 2020.

Unknown poured paint over a monument to the journalist Indro Montanelli in Milan

Unknown on Saturday desecrated the statue of the famous Italian journalist Indro Montanelli in Milan, dousing her in red paint and leaving a label of "rapist" and "racist", writes the Milanese newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Montanelli (1909-2001) was a prominent journalist, writer and historian. Most of his career he devoted work in the Corriere. In his youth he took part in the Italo-Ethiopian war, during which, according to his confession, according to local customs I bought a 12 year old girl and married her. After the war Montanelli said that he felt for her physical hostility and came into contact with her, according to the well known among his colleagues traditions that didn't stop criticism in its address. The experience of the war in Abyssinia finally changed his attitude toward the Mussolini regime, and after the Second world Montanelli made a name for himself in journalism, speaking with anti-Communist positions.

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