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The doctor told me how to change instruction in schools from September 1

. The opening of schools September 1 may be performed in three different scenarios in terms of coronavirus, the publication said URA.RU immunologist Michael Kostinov.

In his opinion, in the first case, the elderly with chronic diseases will protect against work in classes. The second will prescribe a preventive course. In the case of infection, some of the teachers or pupils of the school may close on quarantine.

Called disturbing symptoms when vaccination against coronavirus

Those involved in testing a vaccine against coronavirus, should alarm the number of dangerous symptoms, told radio Sputnik, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head of laboratory, vaccine Institute of vaccines and sera. I. I. Mechnikova of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences Mikhail Kostinov.

As explained by the scientist, a slight reaction to the vaccine may be considered the temperature rise up to 37,5 degrees, the normal average reaction to 38.5 degrees. The temperature above 38.6 degrees, according to Kostanova, already indicates a strong reaction.

The doctor told me, who is useless to pass a test for antibodies to COVID-19

In regions where now there is a growth in the number of infected, there is no point starting a massive free testing for antibodies to coronavirus. About this in an interview with the portal "Ura.ru" said, head of laboratory at research Institute of vaccines and sera them. Mechnikov Mikhail Kostinov.

In his opinion, to test for antibodies to COVID-19 need among the inhabitants of those regions, which already passed the peak incidence.