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Degtyarev responded to reports of officials flying business class

Acting Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev has denied the information of some media that he has allowed officials to fly business class on business trips.

Earlier there were reports that the Degtyarev in his Instagram said that the Khabarovsk Ministers must often fly to Moscow in mission to defend the interests of the region. In this regard, he invited residents to Express an opinion about, "how many billions of rubles to attract the Minister or the Chairman of the Krai government, so we compensate him for travel in business class?". Its predecessor Sergey Furgal has banned officials to fly on business trips in business class at the expense of the regional budget.

The liberal democratic party intends to nominate Degtyarev on elections in the Khabarovsk region

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has confirmed the intention of the party to nominate acting Governor Mikhail Degtyarev on elections of the head of the region in 2021 if the former Sergey Furgal be sentenced to deprivation of liberty.

"Yes, we will nominate Degtyarev next year, if Furgal be sentenced to deprivation of freedom," Zhirinovsky said, RIA Novosti reported.

In Khabarovsk, the Ombudsman urged to search for legitimate methods of expression

The Commissioner for human rights in the Khabarovsk territory Igor Cetnicki recommended that the residents of Khabarovsk, facing daily protests, look for legitimate methods of expression and not to create inconveniences to inhabitants who rallies are not involved.

"I am opposed, categorically opposed to any illegal actions, be it a March, a demonstration... I Think that it is necessary to find the legitimate methods. Allowed city hall where the procession carried out, there is a way to do it. And now these people in the first place, violate the rights of other citizens who do not participate in these actions, but, nevertheless, forced to listen to this noise, have to put up with the fact that not to drive sometimes," said Chernicki reporters.

The court fined the party rallies in Khabarovsk for disorderly conduct

The court in Khabarovsk fined 500 rubles for disorderly conduct active participant in the rallies in Khabarovsk Valentine Kvasina, previously fined 10 thousand for participation in an unsanctioned rally in support of the arrested ex-Governor Sergey Furgala, told RIA Novosti in the power structures.

A week ago, the activist told reporters at the rally that he had received notification from the police of the need to come to the Department. In addition, in social networks there was footage of his arrest during a scuffle on the porch of the regional government, almost immediately after the acting Governor Mikhail Degtyarev, after communicating with the people came into the building. According to the video, Kvashnin tried to call Degtyareva on the conversation, but he ignored it.

Khabarovsk MP introduced a bill on elections of the Governor

The Deputy of the Khabarovsk regional Duma Pyotr Yemelyanov has introduced in regional Parliament the bill that the candidate for the post of Governor of the region may be the only one who lived in the region for at least 10 years.

"Today, using the right of legislative initiative, I introduced a bill on amendments to the Charter of Khabarovsk Krai. I believe that the Governor of the region can only be lived in the region for at least 10 years. For which Khabarovsk Krai is home who knows about the life and problems of our residents firsthand," wrote Emelyanov in your account in Instagram.

Vanino port has not stood up for any Degtyarev method of handling coal

Vanino commercial sea port defended the grab method of handling coal, which is the acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev after the inspection ports on the coast of the region called "old-fashioned", the press service of the port.

Earlier it was reported that Degtyarev last weekend, visited Vanino and Sovgavanskiy areas. He visited the coal terminals of the port of Vanino and the company "Daltransugol". About the results of his trip on the website of the regional government posted a press release.

Degtyarev told how decided to head Khabarovsk Krai

Acting Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev said that I have decided to accept the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold this position.

"A second was solved when the President proposed," said Degtyarev in an interview with the General producer Sergei RTVi Shnurova.

Degtyarev said that in the Khabarovsk Krai arrived provocateurs

In Khabarovsk Krai came to the organizers of the provocations, said the acting Governor of the region Mikhail Degtyarev in an interview with the General producer of TV channel RTVi Sergei Shnurova.

Earlier the politician said that the protests in Khabarovsk are heated, including foreign nationals.

Degtyarev said that he had signed the document stack height in meters

Acting Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev said that since arrival in the region engaged in work with documents, he was able to disassemble the stack height in meter, and now his Desk is clean.

Degtyarev was appointed acting Governor of the region on 20 July, after the arrival to Khabarovsk, he said that on his Desk there's a stack of papers the height in meters.

Degtyarev took part in the meeting of Putin in his new position

Temporarily the acting head of the Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev took part in the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sanitary-epidemiological situation in Russia and the readiness of the health system for the autumn-winter period, the list of participants published on the Kremlin website.

At the meeting, presentations were made by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, Minister of health of Michael Murashko, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

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