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The white house confirmed COVID-19 the adviser to trump national security

The diagnosis of "coronavirus" is confirmed, the Advisor to the President of Donald trump on homeland security, Robert O'brien, President trump and Vice-President Mike Pence risk, according to a press release from the White house.

"The national security adviser, Robert O'brien gave a positive result in the sample COVID-19. He's got mild symptoms. He is on isolation and working from a safe place outside the main place of work. The risk of contact with the President or Vice President is not", - stated in the message.

A pastor without a flock. Donald trump may lose the election trump card

President Donald trump almost begging for the support of his most loyal supporters — Evangelical Christians. After all, they are, in fact, led him into the Oval office four years ago. But now, in the Wake of the mass movement against racism, communities were faced with a difficult choice. What role the religious factor plays in the political fate of the trump — in the material RIA Novosti.

Texas is not only famous for ranches and cowboys, but also many Protestant churches. This is probably one of the most religious States in the country. He is now in the midst of a presidential campaign: Texans campaigning to vote for trump.

Pence stated that he was not informed about the "Russia's collusion with the Taliban"

Vice-President Mike Pence stated that he was not informed about the "Russia's collusion with the Taliban", which is refuted both in Moscow and in the administration of Donald trump.

He also said that trump always protects American soldiers, if necessary.

Pence promised the aid of Texas in the fight against coronavirus

The US Federal government will help Texas, where we have a deteriorating situation with coronavirus, said on Sunday Vice-President Mike Pence.

Earlier, the state Governor Gregg Abbott said that the situation with COVID-19 in the state took a dangerous turn in recent weeks, the number of new hospitalizations increased from two to more than five thousand, and the percentage of positive test results increased from 4.7% to more than 13%.

Trump called NYT article about the "conspiracy" of Russia with the Taliban "paid services"

The US President Donald trump called "the railway" article the New York Times that Russian intelligence allegedly offered to the militants of the radical movement "Taliban" rewards for attacking American soldiers in Afghanistan.

"Maybe it's just another "paid" lime (The New York) Times, as it was with their failed falsification of Russia (allegations of his collusion with Moscow during the elections in 2016. — Approx. ed.)? Who's their source?" he wrote Sunday on Twitter.

The white house has questioned the reliability of data about Russia's support of the Taliban

Information New York Times that Russia had allegedly invited the Taliban to "hunt" for a reward for the us military in Afghanistan, "sloppy", nor the President of the United States Donald trump nor Vice-President Mike Pence of such data is not received, the statement said the White house.

As noted by the press Secretary of the administration kaylie Makineni of the intelligence daily received thousands of messages which are subject to strict control. "Although the White house generally does not comment on alleged intelligence sources or internal discussion, the Director of the CIA, the national security adviser and chief of staff can confirm that neither the President nor the Vice President was not informed about an alleged Russian bounty hunting," - said in a statement.

Vice-President of the United States refused to utter the phrase "Black Lives Matter"

Vice-President Mike Pence in an interview with channel 6 ABC refused to utter the phrase "Black Lives Matter" and said that all lives have value.

The moderator noted that in the United States is a large-scale movement under the slogan Black Lives Matter ("black Lives matter"), but "you can count on your fingers" the number of leaders of the Republicans in Washington who spoke these words.

Penny: protests in the United States has not led to an increase in the number of infections with coronavirus

Since the beginning of mass protests in the United States the authorities do not observe growth in the number of infections with coronavirus, said Thursday Vice-President Mike Pence.

Pence explained that the presence of common sense from the Americans.