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The expert assessed the forecast about the growth of the oil prices to 150 dollars per barrel

Leading expert of the national energy security Fund Igor Yushkov called analysts in the Wall Street Journal that the price of oil in 2025 could rise above $ 150 per barrel, "a pretty bold statement." This told RT.

In his opinion, similar prices may occur with a significant deficit.

Bogdanov, discussed with Iran's Ambassador to Palestine and Libya

The special representative of the President of Russia on the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, discussed with Iran's Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali prospects of settlement of the Palestinian problem and finding a solution to the conflict in Libya, said the foreign Ministry.

Bogdanov took Jalali on July 9 at his request.

A return to isolation. Who faces a new quarantine

. The world health organization has sounded the alarm. After the weakening of quarantine in America, Europe and the middle East, the incidence of coronavirus has increased dramatically. The total number of infected people in the world closer to 12 million, but epidemiologists believe: this is not the limit. Doctors are encouraged to return the limit, otherwise avoid the second wave. Where once again impose a curfew and how it responds to a population, understood to RIA Novosti.

"The virus is fanaticism. It is not intimidating totalitarian methods. He's smarter and will kill the national economy. But as a man I will deal with infection," he promised Air Bolsonaro at a rally of the opponents of quarantine. After an emotional speech, the President of Brazil shook hands with the audience, some hugged and patted on the shoulder.

Borrell warned of the consequences of the annexation of the West Bank for Israel

The possible annexation by Israel of Palestinian territories on the West Bank of the Jordan river will negatively affect its relations with the European Union, warned EU high representative for foreign and security policy of Josep Borrell.

"As a person, personally associated with the region, I have emphasized in private conversations with Israeli leaders and publicly that the annexation will jeopardize the good cooperation with Israel. We exactly do not want," wrote Borrell in his blog on the page of the foreign service of the EU. According to him, now on the contrary there is a possibility for closer cooperation between the EU and Israel in the interests of achieving stability in the middle East. "But we cannot and will not accept changes to the borders that existed before 1967, unless it is agreed by both parties to the conflict," said Borrell.

The General spoke about the development of Russian anti-aircraft missile troops

Anti-aircraft missile troops (SMP) recently developed ahead of time, their tasks become more complicated, weapons are constantly improving, responding to the development of means of air attack, including those that will appear in the future, said Wednesday RIA Novosti former head of the anti-aircraft missile troops Russian air force Lieutenant General Alexander Gorkov.

Sixty years ago, July 8, 1960, was based anti-aircraft missile troops. On this day in the office of the chief of air defense forces of the USSR introduced a new post – the commander of anti-aircraft missile air defense forces.

Bogdanov discussed with Turkish Ambassador the situation in Libya

Special representative of Russian President for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov discussed with the Turkish Ambassador in Moscow, Mehmet Samsar the situation in Libya, according to the Russian depodesta.

"During the meeting focused on the current military-political situation in Libya. It reaffirmed the need to consolidate international efforts in the interests of the translation mezhliviysky the conflict towards a negotiated settlement under UN auspices in accordance with the decisions of the Berlin summit on Libya on 19 January and 2510 resolution of the UN security Council," - said in a statement posted on the Ministry's website.

Media: Israel attacked a nuclear facility in Iran

Israel made a diversion by activating the nuclear facility in Natanz Iranian explosive device, reports the New York Times, citing sources.

The atomic energy organization of Iran (AEOI) on Thursday reported about the incident on one of the projects under construction at the plant for uranium enrichment in Natanz, local authorities said the fire. It was noted that no one was hurt, the leakage of radioactive materials. On Sunday, the spokesman of the AEOI behrouz of Kamalvandi said that Iran at the facility in Natanz was planning the production of advanced centrifuges.

Elections in Croatia will not solve the contradictions in the country, the analyst believes

Elections to the Sabor (Parliament) of Croatia, the main competitors are the President and Prime Minister of the party, will not solve the accumulated contradictions in the country and its issues with neighbors, said RIA Novosti Director of the International Institute for the study of the Middle East and the Balkans (IFIMES) Ziad Becirovic

The state election Commission has registered 3.85 million voters who vote in almost seven thousand polling stations in the country and abroad. Stations are open from 7.00 am (8.00 am GMT) and 19.00 (20.00 GMT) on Sunday, the first results of the GIC will report after 21.00 (22.00 MSK).

Attorney Israel said the "deal of the century" trump

Proposed by the President of the United States Donald trump's "deal of the century" in the Palestinian-Israeli settlement is the only basis for negotiations between Israel and Palestine, to solve we need a compromise, said the charge d'affaires of Israel Yakov Livne.

Trump on 28 January presented a plan of peaceful settlement known as "the deal of the century". The plan of the White house to recognize Jerusalem as the unified and indivisible capital of Israel, makes Israel the opportunity to Annex Palestinian territory in the West Bank of the Jordan river and to extend its sovereignty over the Jordan valley, and also offers the creation of a demilitarized Palestinian state without control over its borders and airspace. As the future capital of Palestine, the plan provides the village of Abu Dis in the Eastern suburbs of Jerusalem.

Egypt took the first Ukrainian tourists

Egypt adopted the first international touristic flight after a three-month break caused by a coronavirus pandemic, according to Arab News.

AMR Hanafi, the Governor of Red sea province, said that 166 1 Jul arrived at the airport of Hurghada from Ukraine. He stressed that from the moment of landing, and to arrive at the accommodation for them was provided with all security measures.

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