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Experts have told how dangerous the use of pirated software

Download network illegal or pirated versions of computer programs is fraught with not only the appearance of ads and phishing ads, but, in particular, on getting into their devices Trojans that can steal money, gain access to passwords, personal and payment information, told RIA Novosti interviewed experts.

Technical Director Qrator Labs Artem Gavrichenkov recalled the research of Carnegie Mellon University, according to which about one of three sites to download pirated copies of software contains all kinds of malware. And Deputy Director of Group-IB Andrew Basargin told about joint with Microsoft research, the results of which when you download pirated software from user with a probability of 90-92% there is a risk of computer security and personal data, including details of access to Internet banking.

Media: a number of major companies suspended their advertising in Facebook

The Adidas company with its subsidiary Reebok, as well as the auto giant Ford and several other companies joined the boycott Facebook, halting advertising in its social networks, told television channel CNBC.

According to him, until the end of July to suspend advertising in Facebook and Instagram of Adidas and Reebok, which announced its intention to develop criteria that will make both themselves and their partners "responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment". Ford in the next 30 days also will not post ads to assess their presence on platforms Facebook.

Media have estimated the damages to Zuckerberg because of the refusal of companies from advertising in Facebook

The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg has lost about $ 7.2 billion due to the fact that a number of companies have decided to boycott the publication of advertising in social networking Corporation, reports Bloomberg.

Earlier, the national Association for the advancement of colored people (NAACP), the organization for the protection of civil rights, Color of Change, the human rights organization "anti-defamation League of the United States" (ADL) and other human rights activists urged the company to cease to advertise on Facebook in July, to protest due to the lack of regulation of such content. On Friday, the company North Face has announced that it will not post to Facebook advertising because "publications with hatred, violence and racism" in the social network. Later, one of the largest U.S. Telecom operator Verizon Communications Inc has joined the boycott, refusing advertising in Facebook and Instagram. A similar statement was made by the company Unilever.

Gates warned about the risk of vaccine failures from COVID-19

The founder of Microsoft bill gates warned that the coronavirus vaccine may be less effective as a barrier to the spread of infection.

In an interview with CNN, gates said that the development of the vaccine, the creators are guided by two characteristics: the prevention of diseases of the vaccinated and the prevention of transmission from him to other people.

Apple and Google are disappointed with the decision of the United States by labor migrants

The heads of the American companies Google and Apple, Tim cook and Sundar Pichai expressed regret that the President of the United States Donald trump has signed a proclamation to suspend the issuance of a number of categories of work visas.

"This nation of immigrants, like Apple, has always found strength in our diversity, and hope is in the unchanging promise of the American dream. Without both of them cannot be prosperity. Deeply disappointed with this proclamation," wrote cook in his official Twitter account.

Experts have found a phishing email in accounts, Office 365

Criminals have launched a phishing campaign to collect data in corporate accounts, Microsoft Office 365, to bypass security systems, they used the names of well-known organizations - Oxford University, Adobe and Samsung, the message says Check Point, working in the field of IT security.

According to experts, in the framework of one of the phishing campaigns cybercriminals sent their victims a letter, in which reference to Adobe. "Previously, he (server ed) has been used by Samsung. This allowed hackers to create the appearance of legitimate domain Samsung - this increased the confidence of the victims. Thus, victims were redirected on a page to enter credentials to sign in to Office 365," - said in the message.

Charges Apple and Google are destroying startups, said Durov

Apple and Google charge high fees for selling digital products for mobile phones, whereby users pay high prices, and start-UPS, and entire industries collapse, wrote in his Twitter the founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov.

"Apple and Google charge a crazy tax of 30% on sales of all digital goods sold in every mobile phone in the world. The result - users pay higher prices, start-UPS, and entire industries are destroyed or never appear. Regulators ignore this nonsense for 10 years", - wrote Durov.

The expert commented on the accusations against gates due to "chipping"

The allegations against American businessman, founder of Microsoft Corporation bill gates in the intention of people chipped via vaccinations illogical: the chip that could be introduced into the human body through vaccines, not invented, and this is still far away, said RIA Novosti, the expert of the analytical club "Valdai" Artem Kuraev.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in social networks and Internet media rumors about his involvement in the pandemic of the bill and Melinda gates Foundation, which supposedly seek to use vaccine for the chipping of people and global surveillance of them.