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Titov discussed the matter Calvey with the US Ambassador in Russia

Authorized under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ' rights Boris Titov during a telephone conversation with U.S. Ambassador John L. Sullivan discussed the protection of foreign business in Russia and the case of the founder of the investment Fund Baring Vostok, American Michael Calvey, reported the press service of the Ombudsman.

"The parties discussed the issues of protection of foreign businessmen in Russia, including criminal prosecution of the management of the investment Fund Baring Vostok and personally czars", - stated in the message.

Michael Calvey told that he had a malignant tumor in the hip

Founder of investment Fund Baring Vostok American Michael Calvey told that she was suffering from a malignant tumor of the thigh, and asked the court to allow a walk in the sun, the correspondent of RIA news from the hall of the First court of appeal.

Earlier in today's session the defense has already reported the cancer disease Calvey, but the details were not specified. Lawyers dispute the extension of house arrest of American: trying either to cancel it or at least be allowed to walk on the street every day.

The court refused to soften house arrest Calvey, whose doctors found cancer

The first appellate court of General jurisdiction recognized the legitimate extension until August 13, the period of house arrest the founder of the investment Fund Baring Vostok to American Michael Calvey, whose doctors found a malignant tumor, and other defendants in the case, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

In early may, the Moscow city court for three months, until 13 August extended the term of house arrest Calvey, a top Manager Baring Vostok Philip Delpal partner in the field of media Vahan Abgaryan, the chief investment officer Ivan Zyuzin, General Director of "First collection Bureau" Maxim Vladimirov, former head of Bank "the East" Alexey Koldichevo. All of them are accused of embezzlement in especially large size (part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code).

The court dismissed the appeal Baring on the revision of the sale of 9.99% of "Eastern"

The sixth arbitration court of appeal (Khabarovsk) upheld the refusal under the control of the investment Fund Baring Vostok Cyprus company Evison Holdings in revision on again opened circumstances of the decision, which it was obliged to sell 9.99% of shares of the Bank "East" of "Finviz" Artem Avetisyan.

As follows from the information in the files of arbitration cases, an appeals court on Wednesday rejected the complaint on the appropriate definition of arbitration court of the Amur region issued in February. The court then concluded that given Evison newly discovered circumstance "should have known the applicant within the period of consideration of the present dispute" and "does not meet the requirements of materiality".