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In Germany solve a question on introduction of obligatory tests for coronavirus

The German government has not yet decided whether to impose mandatory testing for coronavirus for those returning from high-risk regions, said the head of the Federal Chancellery of Germany Helge Braun.

Last week, the Senator of Berlin for health, Kaleici Dilek said that the Ministry of health of the regions and the Federal government agreed that such tests will be conducted at airports and railway stations. Kaleici argued that the Ministers agreed that the tests will be done at the expense of the insurance, and the costs of developing a test point will take over the regional government.

Named the cause of death of the son of Nikita Khrushchev.

Sergei Khrushchev died from a shot to the head, told RIA Novosti employee of the Department of public relations of the Department of health, state of Rhode island Joseph Wendelken.

He added that he did not know what exactly the head was struck, and did not answer the question, at what distance from the trunk was dead and if death came at the moment of shot. With such questions, the Agency was advised to contact the police.

Time magazine released a cover on the death of Floyd

Time magazine released a cover dedicated to the death of George Floyd and other African-Americans who died as a result of police action.

On the cover of the magazine, which will be released June 15, was placed a painting by a famous American artist Titus of the Kafar, he also did the cover for the magazine in 2014 , dedicated to protests in Ferguson after the death of African American Michael brown.