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David Beckham laugh Network by repeating the image of the cast of "Miami Vice"

English footballer and model David Beckham was amused users, posting instagram photos and video, which together with TV presenter and actor James Korden appears in a fancy retro-look.

In the picture the athlete and TV presenter posing in lush wigs, white suits and sunglasses with purple lenses. According to the Daily Mail, so they parodied the main characters from the American television series "Miami Vice", popular in the mid 1980-ies.

Anna Sedokova announced she was marrying basketball player Janis Timma

Pop singer Anna Sedokova posted on instagram a romantic photo, which embraces Latvian basketball player Janis Timmay, and said that he saddled her.

On the page, the athlete posted the same picture and said he was ready to give the performer "all your heart".

In the USA arrested the Mexican Governor for extradition

The Prosecutor General's office of Mexico announced the arrest of Florida's former Governor of the border state of Chihuahua Cesar Duarte, who is accused of major embezzlement.

"In Miami, FL, was detained Cesar "D" extradition," - said the Agency on Twitter.

The largest district of Florida will tighten restrictions because of outbreaks COVID-19

The largest district Florida with administrative center city of Miami imposes additional restrictions to control the spread of coronavirus, said the mayor of the County of Miami-Dade County Carlos Jimenez.

"I signed an emergency decree that would force restaurants to close (with the exception of delivery services and take away the results), as well as event halls, Banquet halls, places for parties, gyms and fitness centres and services short-term lease. The above-mentioned institutions, among others, to be included in the decree, will be closed starting Wednesday, July 8 2020 year", - reads the statement of Jimenez, published on the official website of the County.

In the largest district of Florida imposed a curfew from COVID-19

The largest district Florida with administrative center city of Miami imposes curfew to halt the spread of coronavirus, said the mayor of the County of Miami-Dade County Carlos Jimenez.

He also said that the opening of all entertainment facilities including casinos and theatres, will be cancelled.

Media: many U.S. States decided to hold off from easing measures from COVID-19

Not less than fourteen U.S. States amid the rise in the incidence of coronavirus decided to wait with the easing of restrictions in connection with COVID-19 suspending or turning relevant plans, told CNN.

According to him, the closer of the US independence Day celebrated on July 4th, officials are anxious to avoid a repeat of the memorial Day when the beaches, bars and parties went thousands of people.

In the US, seven-year-old boy recovering after shark attack

A trip to the beach in the Park HOMESTEAD-Bayfront, located near Miami, ended in injuries for seven children, but he's on the mend, according to 12 News, citing CNN.

The boy's mother, Ethel, says that when her son went into the water, he was attacked by a predator. She bit the child in three places. Judging by the markings left, Ethel believes it was a bull shark.

Miami increased the number of cases of infection with West Nile virus

Medical authorities of the U.S. state of Florida announced the identification of cases of infection with West Nile virus in Miami-Dade County, the center of which is the city of Miami, the newspaper Miami Herald.

The first two cases were discovered in may, two more cases in June. On Thursday, the health Department of Florida announced the identification of 10 new cases. It is noted that in all cases people have contracted within the region. Thus to date, the number of cases has reached 14.

The beaches of Miami will operate under the new rules

The open beaches of Miami will operate under the new rules, according to Travel and Leisure.

The famous beaches of Miami beach will be opened for swimming, surfing and sunbathing, but visitors can't use public equipment, such as playgrounds.

The Russians again. Who benefits to accuse Moscow in the American rebellion

Riots in the US provoke Moscow, and the demonstrators attacking the police stations, strictly following the "Russian manuals". The allegations were made by former national security adviser, Susan rice. Instead of evidence it proposed to rely on her experience and intuition. Why the Americans are everywhere, imagining "the Russian trace" is understood to RIA Novosti.

Shopping centers in the Los Angeles quarantine. California authorities planned to open them in June. But it was first done by looters. Now the doors and Windows of the luxury boutiques are broken, all looted. The rioters carried home appliances, clothes, furniture, even food. Police helicopters tried to stop the excesses, dumped down water. But it is not cooled the ardor of the crowd.

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