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"This is unacceptable": Malysheva told, who don't wear masks

Children should not wear masks, said the doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva in instagram.

So she answered the request of the subscribers will in the comments to one of the publications to estimate published in Kazakhstan, the decision to wear masks on newborns. As reports Sputnik Kazakhstan, informed the head of the Ministry Alexey Tsoy has declared that the wearing of this means of self-defense is necessary for all ages.

American attacked a married couple without masks

In San Diego a woman was attacked with pepper spray at an American married couple in one of the parks of the city. About it injured ash O'brien said in an interview with ABC News.

"I want to go to prison, she attacked my husband, I'm mad," protested O'brien.

The doctor told me how to safely go to a cafe

Chief specialist of primary medical and sanitary aid to adult population of the Moscow Department of health Andrei Tyazhelnikov in an interview with the Agency urban news "Moscow" gave tips for visiting a cafe in a pandemic.

The mask in the cafe, according to the doctor can be removed, however, need to comply with social distance. After a meal you should put on a new mask and not use the old.