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Putin urged to make modern services in a transparent

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a working meeting with Chairman of the Board of the Pension Fund Maxim Topilin said that all modern services should be available for use and understood by all.

"Basically, this is probably an ideal model to aspire to: when on the basis of data which is becoming more we can do in automatic mode," - said Topilin.

FIU started to issue a social security number for children without statements

The pension Fund of Russia began to issue the social security number for children is proactive, that is, without statements, for the first day in the personal accounts of parents sent information about SNILS 5.3 thousand children, reported the press service of the Fund.

"Parents to issue a social security number for children born from July 15, 2020, are no longer required, the Pension Fund will independently send a number in your personal Cabinet my mom. The service is implemented on the portal of public Services", - stated in the message.