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Fadeev has apologized for the clip with Valeria

Music producer Maxim Fadeev apologized to podistica instagram for the clip with the singer Valeria.

The producer announced the completion of filming the video with Emin for the song "MMM". Some instagram users left negative comments to this post, and attracted the most attention Fadeeva.

Nutritionist called cons diet Maxim Fadeev

Dietitian Inna Kononenko commented on the words of the producer Maxim Fadeev, who said that for the year dropped about a hundred pounds thanks to the use of hot water.

"I think it was a whole team of specialists. If the problem of excess weight so simply solved – by drinking several glasses of water – people have not had a problem with excess body weight," said doctor in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

Fadeyev said the Council "stop to eat"

Producer Maxim Fadeev answered rude comment subscribers will in Instagram with the Council "to cease to eat".

Earlier Fadeev showed his photos after weight loss. In the caption to the picture, published in Instagram, Fadeev wrote that dropped a hundred pounds. Members marveled at the changes in appearance of the producer and praised him for his strength of will and character.

Safronov's son made fun of skinny one hundred pounds Fadeeva

The son of artist Nikas Safronov pianist Luca Zatravkin said that losing weight a hundred kilos producer Maxim Fadeev demonstrates his "strange tendency to get rid of all unnecessary" writes "the Fifth channel".

The musician admitted that the news about weight loss Fadeeva upset him. He noted that he wanted to work with a producer, but the "magic sizes" is gone.

Nutritionist troubled by the as grown thin for one hundred pounds Fadeeva

Dietitian Inna Kononenko assessed in an interview with "Fifth channel" as thin a hundred kilos producer Maxim Fadeev.

As the expert noted, such drastic changes in weight can be harmful to the body. "Without supervision of experts so to lose weight is impossible. Because a hundred pounds a year is a lot," said Kononenko.

Prigogine turned to emaciated a hundred kilos Fadeev

Producer Joseph Prigogine turned to his colleague Maxim Fadeev, who lost one hundred pounds. The corresponding video appeared on Instagram-Stories Fadeeva.

"Max, Hey. You do, of course, this morning motivated. I stood on (cross country skiing. – approx. ed.) track have not stood a month probably right. These three kilometer passed, while running will not, to my knees not to hurt. I hope that will continue in the same mode," - said Prigogine.

Thinner at one hundred kilograms Maxim Fadeev was struck by subscribers

Russian producer Maxim Fadeev showed his photos after weight loss.

In the caption to the picture, which Fadeev posted on instagram, he wrote that he dropped a hundred pounds.

Fadeev offensive comments about former wards

Producer Maxim Fadeev in his Instagram compared the musicians with whom he previously worked with women of easy virtue.

The producer said that the last five years living "in a real hell," and recently were considered normal consumer attitude from "children".

Fadeev has complained of "horrid" memories of the group Serebro

Music producer Maxim Fadeev in his instagram said about the vile memories from his work on the group Serebro.

The producer posted a video with the song Masha Weber "In the wind".