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Singapore scientists have created a cure for yellow fever

Singapore scientists have announced the successful completion of the first phase of clinical trials they have developed an experimental drug against yellow fever. The study is published in the New England journal of Medicine.

Yellow fever — a hemorrhagic disease widespread in South America and Africa South of the Sahara, which annually affects about 200 thousand people, from them about 30 thousand die. So far there are no approved treatments for this disease. Although there is a vaccine against yellow fever, it is impossible to give some people because of the risk of side effects.

American scientists are preparing for the first time to get oxygen on Mars

Pure oxygen can, for the first time to appear on Mars in 2021, if the MOXIE experiment, will meet the expectations of its creators, told RIA Novosti Deputy Director of the project Professor at mit, former NASA astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman.

Experiment MOXIE - a device the size of a car battery to produce oxygen from the atmosphere of the Fiery planet. The experiment will work on the Rover Perseverance, which is scheduled to kick off from Earth on July 30 and if everything goes well, in February, will arrive at Mars.

Scientists have found the cause of global glaciation

Global ice ages in Earth's history occurred when the level of solar radiation is sharply changed in a short period by geological standards the period of time, American scientists have found. Their work was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

In Earth's history was at least two periods of the Paleoproterozoic 2.4 to 2.1 billion years ago during the Neoproterozoic 850-630 million years ago, when the whole surface of the planet was covered with ice. With the end of the second period of time is associated sudden flowering of complex multicellular life on Earth. Therefore, not only geologists and planetary scientists studying exoplanets lying within the habitable zones, looking for the causes that can trigger a global glaciation.

Became known the plans for the fall semester of the best universities in USA

More than half of American universities plan to open their doors to students in the fall, but will significantly reduce the audience and will continue to teach online. RIA Novosti has reviewed plans for the fall semester of five most prestigious universities in America.

Early spring pandemic coronavirus in the United States has deprived the University everyday millions of American students. Contrary to expectations, the summer brought no relief, on the contrary, the number of cases, especially among young people, continues to grow rapidly, which leaves questions about how and when universities will be able to return to training at familiar to COVID–19 understanding.

The States have sued the administration trump for student visas

Seventeen US States and capital district of Columbia filed a lawsuit against the administration of President Donald trump, demanding to withdraw the restrictive measures on student visas.

Previously, the administration demanded that the foreigners on student visa studying in the United States on full-time or left the country. Most universities in this intend to save for near-term limitations on full-time classes due to pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Found the explanation of the classical optical illusions

Scientists from mit in the United States has explained the nature of classical optical illusions based on perception of the background. The study is published in the journal Vision Research.

The study authors found that the basis of simultaneous light contrast is the assessment of brightness occurring prior to the time when visual information reaches the visual cortex of the brain.

MSU was the best Russian universities in QS world ranking

Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov recognized the best among Russian universities in the QS World University Rankings, told RIA Novosti the organizers.

The world ranking of universities QS World University Rankings, compiled by global research and consulting center QS Quacquarelli Symonds, includes a thousand of the best universities in the world. QS uses six indicators to compile the rankings — academic reputation, reputation among employers, citation index, the ratio of students and teachers, the proportion of international staff and proportion of international students.