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Spanish doctors have identified the earliest symptom COVID-19

A group of Spanish scientists have found a new symptom coronavirus, reported in an article published in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

Specialists found in 29 percent of observed patients, enanthema in the oral cavity — severe rash on the mucous membrane.

The States have sued the administration trump for student visas

Seventeen US States and capital district of Columbia filed a lawsuit against the administration of President Donald trump, demanding to withdraw the restrictive measures on student visas.

Previously, the administration demanded that the foreigners on student visa studying in the United States on full-time or left the country. Most universities in this intend to save for near-term limitations on full-time classes due to pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19.

In Massachusetts, the shooting occurred at the Mall, media reported

The shooting occurred in a shopping center of Braintree in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, one person was injured, reports channel NBC Boston, citing the police.

Earlier it was reported about shooting in the city of Hoover in Alabama. According to local police, injured at least four people.

The court reopened the lawsuit against agent who shot friend "the Boston terrorist"

The court of appeal in the United States renewed the claim of the heirs of a Russian citizen Ibrahim Todasheva to FBI agent Aaron McFarlane who shot Todasheva in 2013.

The citizen of the Russian Federation Ibragim Todashev was a friend of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who carried out a major terrorist attack in Boston in April 2013 and then shot by the police. Todashev was killed in his apartment in may of that year, an FBI agent. Four of the agents who were present at the death Todasheva, said that he tried to attack them, and then was shot.

Employees eBay were sent criticizing the company bloggers insect

Employees of the online store eBay was sent a pair, the leading blog on the topic of Internet sales, packages live insects, funeral wreaths and bloodied masks of a pig due to criticism of the company, reports the New York Post, citing the U.S. justice Department.

It is reported that six now former employees of eBay are accused of virtual stalking couples from Massachusetts, the leading blog about big companies involved in online sales. According to the channel, this blog sometimes acts with criticism of the companies.

"Humpbacked" "Zaporozhets" has exposed on sale at the price of a new Toyota

In the American state of Massachusetts put up for sale ZAZ-965 "Zaporozhets" for 18 thousand dollars. For comparison, almost for the same money in the United States you can buy a new Toyota Corolla in the base set.

The author of the ad describes the Cossack as the cheapest Soviet car, which was done with an eye on Italian car Fiat 600.