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Florida launched a Atlas V rocket with the Mars Rover Perseverance

In Florida, launched a carrier rocket Atlas V with a research Rover Perseverance, which is to look for traces of life on Mars, live broadcast of the launch leads NASA.

The carrier rocket was launched at 07:50 am East coast time USA (14:50 GMT). Arrival research Rover into orbit is scheduled for February 18, 2021.

American scientists are preparing for the first time to get oxygen on Mars

Pure oxygen can, for the first time to appear on Mars in 2021, if the MOXIE experiment, will meet the expectations of its creators, told RIA Novosti Deputy Director of the project Professor at mit, former NASA astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman.

Experiment MOXIE - a device the size of a car battery to produce oxygen from the atmosphere of the Fiery planet. The experiment will work on the Rover Perseverance, which is scheduled to kick off from Earth on July 30 and if everything goes well, in February, will arrive at Mars.

Scientists first measured the speed of sand movement on the surface of Mars

Scientists studying Mars, was the first to prove that the wave structure on the surface of the planet are not immune fingerprints of rocks and moving sand "maghrabi", similar to that found in arid regions of the Earth. The study is published in the journal of Geophysical Research: Planets.

In the pictures the surface of Mars in many places visible wind-blown wave structure of Aeolian sandy "maghrabi". Waves of sand located at a distance of from one to 35 meters from each other — on average about five meters. The size of these structures by about two orders of magnitude less than the surrounding sand dunes. At the base of the waves, according to scientists, is fine-grained fraction of sand — dust, and on top of the ridges — the larger the grains.

China launched its first probe to study Mars

China launched its first probe to study Mars, "Tanwani-1" ("Questions to heaven -1"), according to Xinhua news Agency.

The launch was carried out at 12.41 local time (7.41 GMT) from the Baikonur "Wenchang" Haikou city with the help of the carrier rocket "chanchzhen-5" ("long March 5").

NASA congratulated the UAE with the successful launch of a probe to Mars

The head of NASA Jim Breidenstein congratulated the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the successful launch of the first Arab probe "al-Amal" ("Hope") to Mars.

Previously, the mission of the Hope Mars announced that a carrier rocket H-IIA launch vehicle from the Satish Dhawan space centre "Hope", created by engineers in UAE, in UAE 01.58 at the time (00.58 GMT) successfully launched from the space center of the Japanese island of Tanegashima. Subsequently, the space probe "al-Amal" was separated from the rocket and began to beep.

The first probe engineers from the UAE launched to Mars from Japan

The launch to Mars of the launch vehicle H-IIA launch vehicle from the Satish Dhawan space centre "Hope", created by engineers UAE, on the Japanese island Tanegashima has taken place, it has been broadcast on Twitter mission.

The launch was held at the scheduled time - July 20 at 01:58 UAE time (00.58 GMT).

The China was delivered to the launch pad the first probe to study Mars

China delivered to the launch pad for its first probe to study Mars, "Tanwani-1", preparations for its launch, reports China Central television.

"Probe for Mars exploration "Tangwani-1" have already been delivered to the Baikonur launch site "Wenchang" Haikou city, currently the preparatory work..." - stated in the message channel.

The launch of the first UAE probe to Mars was postponed due to bad weather

Space Agency of the UAE Space center and the Mohammed bin Rashid announced Tuesday the postponement of the launch of the first Emirati probe to Mars from Japan due to bad weather conditions, the report said the UAE government on Twitter.

The first is made entirely of Emirati engineers and scientists probe was supposed to go to Mars on Wednesday, July 15.

Mars will perpetuate the contribution of health workers in the fight against coronavirus

American Rover Perseverance, which is supposed to start on July 20, will take on the planet with a commemorative plate to commemorate the contribution of doctors in a pandemic COVID-19, according to a press release published on the NASA website.

It is noted that this will be done in the memory of the impact of the pandemic COVID-19 and, in order to pay tribute to the dedication of doctors worldwide.

Russian scientists have invented a new way to search for life on Mars

Russian scientists have developed a new way to search for life on Mars and other celestial bodies of the Solar system by laser scanning the surface of a spacecraft or the landing station, told RIA Novosti the Director of the research Institute of nuclear physics named after D. Skobeltsyn, Moscow state University, Vice-President of the international Committee on space research Mikhail Panasyuk.

With such a device it is possible to investigate objects at a distance of hundreds of kilometers, but the method allows to detect traces of life only on the surface, but not under the ground surface, said Panasyuk.