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Lawyer, historian Sokolov explained the decision to protect the widow Cartwright

Lawyer Sergei Lukyanov, protects the historian Oleg Sokolov, explained in an interview with "the Newspaper.ru", why he is involved in the protection of the widow of rapper Andy Cartwright Marina Kohala.

"These two cases are conducted in parallel. I'm different a criminal case — I was approached, an agreement was concluded, and I stepped in. Somewhere I've read that I have specialization in cases of dismemberment. This is not so. Just a coincidence," said the lawyer.

The lawyer revealed new details about the dismemberment of rapper Cartwright

The defense attorney in the case of the dismemberment of the St. Petersburg rapper Andy Cartwright Irina Scurtu told "MK" about the new details of the incident.

According to the lawyer, she believes Kohala.