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Legoyda: support for schema-monk Sergius and his adherents comes from ignorance

The reason for the popularity defrocked schemamonk Sergius (Romanova) his followers, among them prominent figures of culture, may derive from their ignorance, and of Sergius negative impact could "tubesca" fame, believes the head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda.

"The people who to him (Sergius - ed.) go, including our honored artists and stuff, they seem to be because educated people. But why they think that Christianity is this? Although the fact that he says, I don't see any connection with the gospel. This is for anything relevant, except the gospel," - said Legoyda during the online live communication platform "Moscow international salon of education".

Masha Rasputina told about "dumb monkeys" on the Russian stage

In the Russian show business all at a low level with the "prancing voiceless and mindless monkeys", said the singer Masha Rasputina in an interview Sobesednik.ru.

"There are jumping voiceless and mindless monkeys. What is now afloat, awful. All at a low level. Don't even have to consider it. Destroy spiritually our youth," said Rasputin.

"Sell in distress": she criticized the family of the deceased Zakharova

. Actress and TV presenter Maria Shukshina was indignant with the consent of the relatives of the deceased in the accident Sergei Zakharov to work in television.

"The family of the deceased, did not have time to cool down the body have contracts with Malakhov-Borisov, and sitting on the sofa, suffering for 30 pieces of silver. No, not in the sincerity of suffering I don't believe I don't understand how you can sell your misery?" — she wrote on Instagram.