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The who called a pandemic coronavirus "one big wave"

Unlike ordinary flu a coronavirus is not of a seasonal nature, said at a briefing the official representative of the world health organization, Margaret Harris.

"People still relate the distribution COVID-19 seasons. We all need to understand that this is a new virus

The scientist compared the output on a plateau for the coronavirus in Russia and other countries

Member of the Presidium of the Academy of natural Sciences, head of the Department of Microbiology of latent infections Institute. Gamalei Victor Zuev in interview to TV channel "360" compared the situation on the plateau in Russia and other countries.

He stressed that access to the plateau was made possible thanks to the measures taken.

Who is studying information about asymptomatic carriers COVID-19

The world health organization more information was needed to understand whether asymptomatic carriers COVID-19 significant threat in spreading the disease, said at a briefing on Tuesday the official representative of the who, Margaret Harris.

"Who mission which visited the city of Wuhan, said that asymptomatic people are not significant drivers of the pandemic. There were a lot of opinions on this subject, and we want to get more information on this subject from around the world," said Harris.