Latest News - #Mallorca

The Balearic Islands have discovered five vessels with illegal immigrants

Five vessels with illegal migrants arrived for the last day in the Balearic Islands, more than 50 people were arrested, reports the newspaper Diario de Mallorca.

Three boats were discovered about Mallorca, two of Formentera and Cabrera. In total there were 57 people. It is assumed that the Islands could approach another ship, which went unnoticed.

In Spain the authorities are afraid to open night clubs until 2021

Night clubs in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza may be closed until 2021, if not found a vaccine against coronavirus, reports The Sun.

From 21 June, foreign tourists can visit the Spanish Islands. But authorities believe that nightlife will have to keep their doors closed or until the end of the year or even until the invention of the vaccine COVID-19. Officials say they can't open them because of the possible risk to the health visitors and the difficulty of crowd control.

Spain has 11 thousand German tourists

Almost 11 thousand German guests will arrive on the Balearic Islands in the framework of a pilot programme designed to help Spain restore its tourism sector after the pandemic, reports The Guardian.

The country is preparing to reopen the border with the EU and the Schengen area on 21 June.

Spain closed the beaches, where tourists did not respect social distance

In Mallorca and Ibiza closed the beaches, where tourists did not respect social distance, The Sun reported.

The authorities prohibited to relax on the four beaches in Mallorca and two in Ibiza. Moreover, the group of two hundred guests from the UK were punished for failure to comply with social distance. If this situation persists, the resolution on the return of the British in the Spanish resorts may be withdrawn, said local authorities.