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In Spain, tourists stand in line to get to the beach

In the Spanish city of La Coruna tourists stand in line to get to the beach "Riazor", reports The Sun.

22 June there was established a special arch that counts the number of people passing underneath. It is built in a traffic light system that either allows the person to go to the beach or not, based on the information about how many campers already in place. Arch set in order to avoid congestion of people.

For the first time in Madrid did not record a single death from COVID-19 per day

Over the past day in Madrid for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic there was not a single fatality from the coronavirus COVID-19, said the Chairman of the government of the community of Madrid Isabel díaz Also.

"The good news. Yesterday was the first day in Madrid was not was died from COVID-19. Together we can ensure that this nightmare is not repeated," wrote Also on Twitter.

Spain has upheld a ban on entry into the ports cruise ships

The Spanish authorities upheld a ban for entry into the ports of cruise ships, says the decision of the Ministry of transport.

The ban on the entry of foreign passenger vessels in Spanish ports was introduced on 12 March. The measure does not concern only the state, commercial vessels, and vessels with humanitarian purposes, medical and emergency services. Exceptions to the other is possible only in cases of emergency and with the consent of the Ministry of health. Despite the fact that on 21 June in the country ceased to operate on high alert and the borders were opened for European citizens, the authorities left closed ports for foreign tourists.

Media: in Spain found the person who shot the photos of politicians

Spanish national police have identified the man who shot the dash on the photos of famous politicians, including the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, said the Agency Efe with reference to sources in Department.

On the eve of the publication of La Marea released a video which shows how unknown in a homemade dash started shooting the photos of the politicians representing the left-wing parties. Among the photographs are portraits of the Prime Minister of Spain sánchez, Vice-Premier of Pablo Iglesias, the Minister of internal Affairs, Fernando Grande-the Marlaski, Minister for equal opportunities Irene Montero, leader of a faction in the Congress of Podemos Pablo Echenique. In the video, the man behind the camera says "sentence", then the man shoots the photos and throws them all. The others in the room laugh.