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In the Ministry of communications said about removing collected for the omissions of the Russians

The Ministry of communications has removed personal information about the Russians, which was necessary for the design of digital badges during the quarantine, said the Minister Maksut Shadaev.

This only applies to regions where the access mode has been canceled.

The Minister explained why the Agency uses Telegram

The Minister Maksut Shadaev in the program "Posner" on channel one said that the Telegram was for the Agency in the most convenient and cheapest way to inform the Russians abroad on export routes.

He commented on the question of the presenter Vladimir Pozner that on the website of the Ministry of communications, there is a link on the Telegram-channel Department, while Roskomnadzor "more than two years ago ordered the Telegram lock".

In Moscow recording electronic voting on amendments will begin on 5 June

The entry for participation in the electronic voting in the capital for amendments to the Constitution of Russia will begin June 5, said the head of the Department for the improvement of territorial administration and development of smart projects of the government of Moscow Artem Kostyrko at the meeting of the CEC on Thursday.

"At the moment we are ready to open the record with 5 numbers, starting tomorrow, for those voters who want to participate in remote electronic voting," said Kostyrko.

The Ministry of communications is ready to launch e-voting on the Constitution

The Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation is ready to launch on the portal of electronic application forms for voting on amendments to the Constitution, said the Minister Maksut Shadaev at the meeting of the CEC.

"In order to provide our users with portal services the opportunity to vote, in accordance with the draft order, which was June 2 adopted in principle, have already implemented the e-application form, which will allow users with a verified account to submit an application and wish so to vote electronically. We this form with the CEC agreed", - said the Minister.

Durov commented on the proposal to unlock the Telegram in Russia

Unlock Telegram messenger in Russia would allow 30 million users in Russia more comfortable to use the service, said the founder of the messenger, Pavel Durov.

Deputies of the state Duma Dmitry Jonas and Fedot Tumusov in April, has prepared a bill which proposes to ban the Telegram lock in period modes of alert or emergency information resource government agencies. The project proposes to add article 15.4 of the law "On information" provision, under which the decision to block does not apply to the organizers of the dissemination of information on the Internet, "the service is a formal service for state bodies and their officials for the dissemination and receipt of information on the current situation in the period of the introduced mode of increased readiness or emergency."