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American found lost family jewel in an unexpected place

Madison Cooper of Maine after nine months found a lost ring on the stem of garlic. Plant sprouted right through the decoration, according to Upi.

The girl lost the ring when I was working on the site. This jewel is a family heirloom that is passed from generation to generation.

In the northeast USA the woman died after a shark attack

A woman in the us state of Maine, located in the North-Eastern United States, has died after a shark attack, according to the marine patrol of the state.

It is noted that nearby kayakers carried the woman to shore, on a scene there arrived representatives of the rescue services, after that was fixed the fact of death.

US Department of energy accused the "environmental lobby" in the collapse of gas pipeline project

US Department of energy blames "the environmental lobby" in the collapse of gas pipeline project Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), said the energy Minister Dan Browett.

Sunday Dominion Energy with partner Duke Energy abandoned the project of a major pipeline of ASR due to uncertainty with prices and regulation. At the request of the power companies, the gas pipeline worth more than $ 8 billion is not justified, given the numerous delays and lawsuits by environmentalists, land owners and local residents. The partners abandoned the project, despite the big win in the Supreme court, which in June allowed the construction of ACP under the Appalachian trail Hiking route through the mountains of the Atlantic coast, which stretches for 3.5 thousand miles from Georgia to Maine.