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In the Magadan area in days died three patients with COVID-19

Doctors per day was recorded from three patients with COVID-19 in Magadan, so from the beginning of the epidemic of infection in the region, 10 people died, reported RIA Novosti, first Deputy Minister of healthcare of the Magadan region Elena Kuzmenko.

According to the latest data, in the Magadan region COVID-19

The scientist explained how dangerous the ice melting because of global warming

The melting of the ice and other consequences of global warming lead to a gradual increase in global sea level, in the long term threatens with flooding of developed coastal areas, said RIA Novosti doctor of geographical Sciences, head of laboratory of hydrology and climatology Pacific Institute of geography Feb RAS.

According to him, this in turn reduces the reflectivity of snow and ice and accelerates the heating up and melting.

In the Magadan region died in five patients with COVID-19

Physicians recorded the fifth death of a patient with COVID-19 on the Kolyma, older magadanka died as a result of the development of viral pneumonia, said on Monday the Ministry of health of the region.

According to the latest data, in the Magadan region identified 1081 infected COVID-19, five died, 622 recovered. Region passes the second stage of removing quarantine restrictions: earned cafes, gyms, allowed libraries and museums. In the region there is simply a mask mode.

Scientist assess the risk to infrastructure in the North from melting permafrost

Climate warming and the melting of permafrost can affect the state of the infrastructure of the Northern territories of the Russian Federation, but the level of monitoring and construction will allow us to respond to these developments, told RIA Novosti senior researcher at the North-Eastern scientific-experimental station in the village of Chersky Pacific Institute of geography Feb RAS Sergey Davydov.

According to him, sometimes there is an increase in pratice 2 cm a year in the permafrost in the summer, depending on the landscape thaws small thickness of the soil, and if this thickness does not exceed meters, now it has more. The scientists also noted the increase of humidity, increase in the number of forest fires in the North. The thickness of the ice decreased, the amount of snow increases, and, consequently, the soil is not so much vyholazhivaetsya winter. In the permafrost, thermokarst lakes are formed.

The CEC of Russia on Friday will sum up the official results of the voting on the amendments

The CEC of Russia at the meeting on Friday will sum up the official results of the voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the adoption of which voted 77,92% of Russians against - of 21.27%.

The meeting of the CEC on the approval of official election results is scheduled for 11: 00 MSK. According to the draft agenda published on the website of the Central election Commission, the only issue is the item "On the results of nationwide vote on the issue of approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation".

In Magadan the intensive care unit of the regional hospital was closed for quarantine because of COVID

Intensive care unit of the Magadan regional hospital – the largest hospital of the Kolyma river was closed for quarantine because of infection with one of the doctors COVID-19, said on Thursday the Ministry of health of the region.

According to the latest data, COVID-19 in the Magadan region contracted 876 people, 4 died, 421 recovered.

In the Magadan region for the amendments voted by 65% of voters

The adoption of amendments to the Constitution voted 65,27% of the population in Magadan region, according to the CEC after processing for 17.65% of the protocols.

According to the CEC processed for 17.65% of protocols, in - 65,27%.

The far East has finished voting on amendments to the Constitution

For voting on amendments to the Constitution in the evening of July 1, closed in all regions of the Far East and the Irkutsk region.

Earlier, at 11.00 GMT, the polls closed on the Kamchatka and Chukotka. The turnout for the evening, there was 42.5% and 74,11%, respectively.

In Kolyma finished voting on amendments to the Constitution

The final stage of voting on amendments in the Constitution ended in the Magadan region, closed 85 permanent plots and 20 time, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the electoral Commission of the region Nikolay Zhukov.

He also said that shift workers-miners from outside the residence voted early in every camp visited the members of the election Commission. On Magadan areas have also been collecting signatures for assignment to Magadan the title of "City of labor valor".

In 53 Russian regions will earn the tax regime for self-employed

All Russian regions from July 1, acquired the right to enter on its territory a special regime for self-employed - tax on professional income, and this month to install the smartphone app "My tax" and to the official status of self-employed people from 53 subjects of the Federation, told RIA Novosti the Federal tax service.

"The experimental introduction of special tax regime "Tax on professional income" expands its geography. The regions are granted the right to decide the question of accession to the experiment", - said the Agency.

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