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In Madrid will impose additional restrictions on coronavirus

The authorities of Madrid decided to introduce additional health measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in the capital region, said the head of government of the community of Madrid Isabel díaz Also.

Prior to that, according to the order of the Spanish government, a mask had to be worn in transport, any enclosed public places, on the streets, if it is not possible to observe two meters of social distance. Now the wearing of masks is mandatory, even if it is possible to keep the distance. Earlier similar measures were adopted in other Autonomous communities of the country, except for the Canary Islands.

The Spanish foreign Minister and NATO Secretary General discussed the "complicated relations with Russia"

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Spain Arantxa gonzález Laya and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg held talks in Madrid, which discussed relations with Russia.

"The conversation was around actual events of the organization at that moment when she confronts many challenges, from the complex relations with Russia in the East, to instability in the southern Mediterranean, as well as the need to strengthen transatlantic relations", - stated in the message of the Spanish foreign Ministry.

In Madrid was held a mourning ceremony in memory of the victims COVID-19

Mourning ceremony in memory of more than 28 thousands of victims in the epidemic COVID-19 took place in Spain.

To pay tribute to the victims of the profits all members of the government headed by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, all heads of the Autonomous communities of Spain, the leaders of the major political parties in the country, except for VOX, whose members refused to come because of disagreements with the government.

The Spanish government has supported the introduction of quarantine in parts of Catalonia

The Spanish government supports the decision of Generalitat of Catalonia on the introduction of strict quarantine on the territory of the region where you live 160 thousand people, despite the court decision.

The Catalan government decided on the introduction of strict quarantine in part of the Comarca Segre, including the city of Lleida: the inhabitants are forbidden to leave their homes except in cases of urgent need, all the shops (except for food), shops, sports centers and so on are closed, restaurants and bars can sell food only with home delivery. However, this decision of the court appealed against the Prosecutor's office and investigative Lleida, the court refused to confirm the legality of the introduction of stringent quarantine because, in his opinion, local outbreaks of infections "under control", and similar restrictive measures can only take the government of Spain. On Monday, the head of the Catalan Generalitat Kim Torre said that the quarantine imposed in spite of the court decision.

The Balearic Islands will introduce the compulsory wearing of masks

The wearing of masks in all public places will become compulsory in the Balearic Islands in Spain.

In addition, as the adviser of health of the Autonomous community of Patricia Gomez in an interview with radio station Cadena Ser, there will be restrictions on the number of people – up to 70 outdoors and 30 indoors, while the number of children that can participate in children's activities, will be increased.

Madrid and Rome hope that the EU will come to an agreement on anti-crisis Fund

Italy and Spain believe that the EU will be able in July to agree on the agreement on anti-crisis Fund, stated after the meeting in Madrid premiere of Pedro Sanchez and Giuseppe Conte.

"July is the month of the agreement. Must be the month of the agreement. We all have a responsibility to make sure that it was the month of the agreement," said Sanchez, commenting on the possibility of reaching agreement at the EU summit on July 17-18.

The Spanish Supreme court rejected the claims against the exhumation of Franco

The Spanish Supreme court has rejected three lawsuits filed in connection with the exhumation of former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco (reign 1939-1975), according to Spanish television TVE.

The text of the decision must be fully unveiled in the coming days.

Holder of the title Mr. Spain was detained for killing father

Winner of the title Mr. Spain was detained for the murder of his father, told RIA Novosti in the Supreme court of Madrid.

Twenty-five year old Vicente Hernandez Rodriguez, award-winning Mister España Pacific World in 2017, attacked his father during a family quarrel.

In Spain more than 700 people voted on the amendments

More than 700 Russians took part in the voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in Spain as of 17.00 (18.00 GMT).

The polls opened in Spain in two cities - the Embassy in Madrid and Consulate General in Barcelona.

For the first time in Madrid did not record a single death from COVID-19 per day

Over the past day in Madrid for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic there was not a single fatality from the coronavirus COVID-19, said the Chairman of the government of the community of Madrid Isabel díaz Also.

"The good news. Yesterday was the first day in Madrid was not was died from COVID-19. Together we can ensure that this nightmare is not repeated," wrote Also on Twitter.

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