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Two parliamentarians in Madagascar died of coronavirus

Two parliamentarians of Madagascar died from the new coronavirus type, according to the newspaper Madagascar Tribune with reference to the President of Andri Rajoelina.

According to the publication, the President confirmed Sunday during a speech that some political figures died from COVID-19. In particular, he made it clear that the death of Senator Emily Ravalomanana and Deputy Lucien Rakotomalala was caused by a coronavirus, a new type. He also mentioned the death of the Deputy representative of UNICEF and doctor who.

Discovered a tiny ancestor of the dinosaurs

In the Triassic deposits of Madagascar have found a small fossil reptile. Animal of no more than ten centimeters refers to the group, that led to the giant dinosaurs and pterosaurs. Detailed description of the findings given in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Dinosaurs and flying reptiles, the pterosaurs are famous for their huge size. It is therefore surprising that their immediate ancestors were very small. In the Triassic sediments age 237 million years in the South-West of Madagascar found the bones of reptiles, called Kongonaphon kely, or "tiny killer bugs".

In the capital of Madagascar imposed a lockdown due to coronavirus

Madagascar enters a lockdown in the capital amid growing number of cases of infection with coronavirus, according to local portal Orange.

According to the portal, the President of Andri Rajoelina ordered to enter restrictions in the region of Analamanga, where the capital, Antananarivo, with 6 to 20 July. The restrictions include a complete ban on entry into the region and exit out of there. In the region will be closed all the stores except pharmacies and food, prohibited the movement of transport, except a taxi. All schools also remain closed.