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Scientists said the age of the formation of the moon

Scientists said the age of the formation of the moon, it was formed 100 million years later than anticipated, said during an online speech at the international youth science school "space exploration: theory and practice", conducted by Moscow state technical University jointly with "Roskosmos", the scientific head of the space research Institute of RAS lion Green.

"There is a lot of calculations, a lot of controversy. And the better we understand this most interesting time. Just a few days ago there was a very interesting article that estimated the time in which the upper crust of the moon, which represented the ocean froze. It turned out to be longer than the scientists thought of it earlier. The moon is younger by about a hundred million years. And now the most severe rating that the Moon was formed 4 billion 425 million years ago," he said.

In Moscow 12 thousand students pass the voluntary qualification examination

More than 12 thousand students participated in the first phase of the voluntary qualification examination, the second step were 5 thousand young professionals, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Department of entrepreneurship and Moscow innovation development.

Voluntary first qualifying exam was held in the year 2017, then his knowledge has tested nearly 350 students. In 2018 the participants were already 2.3 million, and in 2019 — more than 6 thousand (approximately 100 schools). The project allows students to check the level of training and to attract the attention of leading employers in the city. And partners of the exam can find talented and motivated employees